Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Brave New World'

Ok. I was really supposed to post totally another topic but I can't get the words out. I suddenly remembered this old movie that I have recently almost watched during our Social Science class and thought that it would be a good thing to review this first to get thoughts out.

Brave New World is a TV Film adaptation (abridged version) of the novel of the same title by Alduos Huxley. It waas released on April 19, 1998 by Universal Pictures and was directed by Larry Williams and Leslie Libman.

Our class were supposed to watch this film last week but due to the suspension of classes, we did it last Tuesday. With only an overhead projector and some PC speakers we watched more than a half of the film. However, it was enough for us to get the concepts that relates with our lesson.

I wasn't able to catch every word being spoken in the film because in was quite inaudible because of the speaker. But I was able to grasp the concept of it. The film started with an explanation on how life start (I think so, from what I saw in the screen and a few catches of words). Then it introduces us to a some sort of facility or place (or whatever should we call that thing) where children (at a very young age) were taught hard cold facts about science especially sex. (its so easy for those kids to say this Sword. But even though taught they weren't allowed to engaged themselves in such, even adults. They reproduce in a seemingly different way. In their civilization polygamy is a must. Everybody were taught that all should be happy. Babies weren't conceived in the womb of the mother but were rather taken care of in vitro (meaning outside the womb, in some sort of small chambers where they develop).

We were then introduced to a female character named Lenina (I looked that up 'cause I wasn't able to catch her name while watching it) whose role is to teach the children from textbooks and to monitor them in their sleep. (I think there's some kind of manipulation with the children while their sleeping. They're all brainwashed by ideas of happiness and the unorthodox.) This Lenina had some sort of attraction going between one of the heads of the Dep't of Hatcheries and Conditioning named Marx (I looked this up too. Maybe the department mainly focuses on the birth of the children from their chambers- explaining the 'hatcheries' and their education- 'conditioning') which gave them some unwanted attention because in principle they weren't supposed to do that. Polygamy, remember?

So, I don't know why but suddenly they were in an helicopter going out of that [horrible] civilization to what I would call an uncivilized world full of chaos and disorder. I don't know if they really intended to go there because the aircraft crashed and they were bullied by a bunch of uncivilized people. With the aid of a man name John (this is the only name I have not a hard time catching) they were led to safety. Then they invited this John back to their own civilized world where John agrees but they took his mother with him. And so it happens John saw the state of the people from the other side (sorry about my words hahaha.). I dont know if he was amazed or what but I know that he misses his Shakespeare and other wonderful things from his world. He taught one of Lenina's class about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and told the children about the concept of LOVE. The kids simply didn't get it. Of how two people would need to love each other before doing 'the deed' and they know not the goodness of marriage. If I were John, I would really be annoyed and lose my patience but he keeps on explaining. He also had noticed this attraction going on between Lenina and Marx. But Marx wont admit it because things like that (attraction, love) does not exist and wont be taken into consideration. Things got confusing for me a bit because Lenina had this sort of attraction for John too. But John reasons that Marx is in love with her so they can't.

We watched until that part only. But there's this part where the low-class people from the Brave New World (the civilization's name) were also shown. How they were easily manipulated under the hands of the upper ones. I didn't get that part. And since we weren't able to finish the movie, I don't know how it ended. But through the course of my reading I've learned that John was the son of the Head of the Dept of Hatcheries and Conditioning which was exposed and was taken very bad because John was conceived through intercourse. John was promoted in a position and it so happened that Lenina and Marx built their own family finding joy in loving. :)

Whew, I hope things weren't confusing a this is being read. I remembered while watching this, I must have dozed off for a couple or more times. It was boring for me since the audio was bad. The film has also some attempts for humor which didn't work for me. And they also had lots of 'the scenes' which for me is lame. But, i'm gonna give it a chance. The idea of the story is really cool (the author should be credited for that) and its my own mind and physical processes that hinder me from enjoying the movie.

Tomorrow, things about Plato will be discussed in our class and I hope I'm up for a good discussion the we had before (we were like using the Socratic Method last, last, meeting which is so cool).

kudos for me. :)) and thumb-up for the 'Brave New World'!

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