Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chasing Perfection

Perfection. An unattainable goal for all of humanity. And yet, something the human race will always strive towards. Even if it means sacrificing the freedom of its perfect inhabitants.
Rated: R (not for children under the age of 17)
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

My first ever book review here! I don't think if 'Chasing Perfection' would count as a book since I just read it at Miss Literati (a site for aspiring authors). As you can see, the book is rated R! Which would not encourage me to read this. However, I don't mind it really. The adult content in the book isn't that gross (yeah! I could tell you that they're really gross!) compared with the other adult content that most fictions have nowadays. And I admire the author's initiation to warn the readers of what they're about to read. Its so unlike the other books where you thought it would be all harmless yet the contents are way, way mature! Hope you get my point. :]]

'Chasing Perfection' is a 75-chapter story written by Vulpes (that's her username at misslit but i guess her real name is Leah Alvord.. it says so in the copyright). The protagonist is name Miranda Kirkpatrick. And if there would be one word to describe her, its no other than PERFECT. She's literally perfect.. in looks, brains, body build, etc, all of her perfection courtesy of her all too perfect parents. Then on her eighteenth birthday, she was unwillingly taken to a facility breeding perfect people.There she met true love Caden Masters (yep, he's hot and perfect too!) and other perfect people who soon become her friends. But her life soon stopped being perfect as she went in that facility. Their sole purpose in there is to give birth to another perfect child which the facility will rear for them to become some sort of hybrid generation in preparation to a nuclear war that will soon happen. Alongside her friends and with the aid of her quick wit and amazing skills they will do everything to gain their freedom from that horrible place.

'Chasing Perfection' started of really good. I was really into Mira's life and being a teen I, of course, got excited over Caden! And i really found the whole concept of the book amazing. Of it being scientific as well as romantic. (but romance overrides this one) But as the story progresses, i seemed to lose a bit of excitement over it. Especially when they start to hang out with their other friends on the facility. And I don't understand Miranda at times. She has a rude mouth. (hehe). Caden of course, i do. And i do understand they're need to escape. There is just too little details on they're escape. Though the author attempted to bring some excitement and suspense in the end but those are easily resolved. Hahaha. i don't know if i'm making any sense here at all. But altogether, it was a cool book. And way better than some of the books being published at this generation. I suggest that this should get published and i know many would surely like it. And i could be a good movie as well. (they just have to define some scenes ) 

Thumbs- up for 'Chasing Perfection'! And btw, perfect title too!

Read it here! 

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