Monday, June 13, 2011

COLLEGE, Please Be Nice! :))

Oh, well. Nerves! Please leave me! Hahaha. Having a pep talk to myself right now. Because tomorrow is the day! June 14, 2011 is the start of classes in my new home. UP Diliman. Though there won't be any classes yet (tomorrow all freshies are excused in class giving way to the Freshmen Welcome Assembly) still, tomorrow marks my first day ever in college! And it won't be just like any other college! Because it is the University of the Philippines: a respected name not only here in the country but worldwide as well! Wooh! Tough, isn't it? And it is (i guess so) the biggest university in the country too! I really need to get the hang of college! But the thing is, I still can't feel it. Take for example right now, I haven't done any preparation at all for tomorrow! Hayy :((

Hahahaha. Though i've familiarized myself with some of the landmarks in the university, it doesn't help stop the nerves! hahaha :)) I just hope that College would be nice and fun and full of learning of course! Given na maraming threats na binigay sa amin last Saturday during the Freshie Tour! haha :)) and speaking of the freshie tour! That one was really fun! Though at first I don't feel like going at all, but it was a good thing that i did! :))We also did some sort of WAVE during the tour. Below's the video.

Here are the pictures from the tour! Amazingly, i have made some friends!! hahaha :)) 

Right after the tour! We had some rest and talk about UP and Engg.

The EEE group at the Library II!

EEE group right in front of Vinzon's Hall. I'm up front!

Picture before the tour began with all the participants!

SO far, I had fun in the University. Even met some potential friends who are my blockmates as well! And just a few moments ago, I saw the list of my blockmates and started adding them in FB. What is so amazing is that I saw a blockmate who is an LDS as well!! Cool talaga! :)) That makes me both excited and nervous for tomorrow. :))

So, may God bless me as I start a new chapter in my life tomorrow. :))

And.... College!! PLEASE BE NICE!! :))

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