Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How My Sixteenth Birthday Went :)

JUNE 2, 2011 was already planned out.

with my family in our recent financial crisis (with my tuition for college and debts and allowance for my brother in the mission field) i'm not really expecting that much on my birthday this year.
usually, birthdays for me goes just like any other summer day... then our family would usually go to the movies in the evening.. i don't remember having any birthday parties at all (though my mom says i used to have when i was like 1-3 yrs old :)) the last one i think was my 8th birthday because of course its the day of my baptism (more of that in my other blogs.. :))

midnight of june 2, i received greetings from my BFF jam, (whose birthday is next day --- june 3., amazing ,eh?) i was awake until 2am that morning because i am making my birthday gift for jam--- a dreamcatcher!

early morning at like 9am... i hang out at jam's place with our DUD rigel :)) we watched 'a walk to remember'..( i guess you know that movie right?) because that movie paved the way for jam and i to get close..right after at jam's place we went to mary's place.. she's my close friend from grade school who spent the last six years in the province. the funny thing was... she had no idea that that day was my birthday and i was really laughing at her.. i know most people usually got hurt by that.. but i'm not 'most people'!! (yeah, yeah.. xD) but she did remembered it and keep on apologizing :))

so we talked and talked.. and then the biggest surprise of the day was when JERICHO (rigel's youngest brother which is so cute... and love na love ko :]) came at mary's house.. though he acts the usual of being mean to me.. he greeted me a happy birthday plus a *SMOOCH!! hahaha even for a lame reason.. still.. that was the best part of the day :) we then watch some spongebob movies (jericho loves them.. so i have to!!) then lion king 3.. which i found interesting given na i forgot what lion king is all about. haha then we watched Alien in the Attic which is so funny and really cool.. it was so funny.. we can't stop laughing :)) and i still could laugh even remembering it...  so then right after at mary's i spent the rest of the night at home which was pretty uneventful but understandable!!!

really, this birthday was a blast and i'm glad to have spent it with people that i love the most.. and for the things i've got specially the *SMOOCH

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