Monday, June 13, 2011

JUNE 10 --- what a day!

June 10 had been a very tiring day! A day full of surprises. i may say. 
I wasn't expecting anything special that day at all.

However.. this is just a quick post though i know this is very late! Like 3 days late!

JUNE 10 was SHANNON BRUCE SNAITH's birthday!!!! 

Hooray! Giddyup! :))
He's one of my DHEERS of course :)) With his screen name being SHANE WEST, he turned 33 last Friday. Amazing thing about this amazing guy is that he gave life to one of the best fictitious character that I love very much! ---Landon Carter (from Nicholas Sparks's A Walk to Remember) alongside Mandy Moore! I totally fell for him in that movie! Ha! He also starred in the film Echelon Conspiracy and also another favorite of mine, Get Over It, alongside Kirsten Dunst. (He danced and sang in that film!! Even played the piano! Pretty awesome, eh?) Check him out peepz.. but He's mine :))

Happy birthday!! Yeah, yeah!

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