Thursday, June 16, 2011

Money Matters

Howdy? Third day of classes in school and amazingly, life in the University had been consistent. It was VERY tiring. Oh well, who, in this whole wide world, wouldn't get tired if you walk a few kilometers to get to your next class?!?!?! =)) But I know it was all worth the quality education I am getting.

However, one (supposedly, but unfortunately I haven't) anticipated thing in entering college life is all the expenses you'll gonna be spending. Yep, I didn't anticipated this. I thought expenses in college ends during tuition payment. In most of our classes, we had a lot of required stuffs to buy (like books, maps- take note, very large maps!, laboratory manuals and equipment, photocopy here..photocopy there and a lot more!) which had me giving my budget to hell. I just hope that all of this expenses thingy would.. uhm... lasts during this first few weeks of the semester only. WAH! I can't live with an empty pocket.

We had this professor (he made us bought lots of things during this first week) that related the Bok's Law to us (the name's kinda funny, i know but hey, I checked it out,,, its for real)

The BOK'S LAW states that: "If you think EDUCATION is expensive, try IGNORANCE."

hahaha. I have no idea if he just used that for us not to complain or its just that this law is his principle in life :)) But, this idea is true. (Of course it is! Duh! Its a law!) 'Cause, the loss is greater is we did try ignorance.

Quick Stuffs! --i'm looking forward for tomorrow's Social Science.. I think it's really gonna be great. I just have to read like.. twenty pages to get meself ready :))

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