Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just for fun, a few days before my birthday, i made a wishlist for myself. I don't go tell people about it but i want to have them being of my own efforts even if not exactly on my birthday but when i am sixteen. well, college is just a few days away (classes start next week, tuesday! WISH ME LUCK!) so most of the wishes regards college stuffs that i want! LOL. This is me at sixteen! So.. here goes.


  • a dreamcatcher -- (i probably had mentioned that i gave jam a dreamcatcher for her birthday.. but i gave her an improvised one.. i want something real!!) - FINALLY GOT IT!
  • protective sunglasses -- (sun protection or course and my eyes really hurt from the bright sun)
  • a rucksack--- (just like what Harry has in the HP7 movie. A good fashion statement too)
  • comfortable flats -- (walking was never an option in my university)
  • wrist watch -- (so i won't be late for classes)
  • sneakers -- (if i feel like changing my shoes. LOL) - IT'S BROWN. NOT YOUR USUAL SNEAKERS BUT IT WILL SUFFICE
  • set of hankies -- (the use is obvious peeps)
  • white tees --- (they're comfy and i look good on white)
  • shorts --- (pants are killers in the heat) - BLACK WITH AN AMAZING BELT. PLUS, I CAN WEAR IT TWO WAYS!
  • a good book --- (hahaha.. this thing never went out of my list.)
  • hat box --- (for my personal stuffs like letter from HS and treasured items)
  • a cool pen -- (for writing!)
  • harry potter planner --- (my ate gave me this! i was quite surprised but why argue?!!?)
  • new jeans--- (so i won't keep on alternating. haha LOL)
  • cactus plant --- (i want to be a keeper of something that isn't hard to keep)
  • UP shirts and other items ---( my brother gave me a shirt! even if he's in mission. I loved it even if it's a hand-me-down!)
  • personalized mug -- (don't ask me.. i want it! )

So, that's it pretty much! Simple things yet if i get my hands on all of them i would be so happy, i could die~ Just kidding :)) 

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