Friday, June 24, 2011

Pasig Stake Back To School Party!

Another batch of pictures tagged to me in my Facebook account (around the same time as the Temple Trip), this time its from the Back to School Party last June 11, 2010. Its just like any other party held in our stake. And just like the previous Back to School Party last year, different wards were allowed to showcase their talents. For our ward, Aira sang an OPM accompanied with a guitar played by Kaizer. However, this party, I think, is the lamest ever! Hahahaha. I got bored by the first 20 minutes. We had dinner first and some started performing. And about dancing...ok, I admit I hadn't danced that night. I was just sitting in the corner, along with my leaders, texting Mary who was not present in the activity mainly because she hates parties.Back to the dancing, they had this sort of dancing partners which I think was a fail. Everyone was given a scripture verse and they had to find their partner by dancing with everybody. Well, I first thought that it was such a good idea but the youth are stubborn so it failed. The only thing that kept the party from turning into a bad experience was the performances by the end of the night.  The dancing were all cool but too bad my sister and I have to leave early so we weren't able to watch the last dance number which included my Tita Tess.

So, below were the pictures from that night. Yeah, I know I dressed up, its better than being a loser. :)) Check out my earrings, they're from my sis. Cool, eh? Those were my longest danglings. :))

The Event

Aira and Kaizer's performance. Too bad I forgot the song.

Some of our ward's youth with a couple of kids.

With the leaders. Pretty, pretty :))

Another picture.

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