Thursday, June 16, 2011

Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Induction

On well, pictures were tagged to me in facebook from last Friday. That would be June 10. My family went to the PCGA headquarters in Manila to witness my father's induction into the PCGA. He had been a part of the LDS Seagull Rescue (the rescue organization in our church) and they had this event for them to officially served in the PCGA. Thus, serving the whole nation. The purpose is really cool. And I know this means a lot for my father. Pictures are below. Most of them were taken by my sister. :))

The Event

The donning of their shoulder boards.

Right after the donning. My dad with fellow inductees.

Oath taking.

All the inductees with the officials of PCGA.

The family. :))
Anyway, my father was inducted as Lieutenant Senior Grade Saldivar of the PCGA. :))

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