Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Weekend Full Of Sweets

A very quick post! I want to read something kase and I have a very limited time right now. Besides, I have another post after this! i just wanna share the feeling of happiness that weekend already came after a very busy first week in The University of the Philippines! Lots of stuff already happened in that first week. We already had our first ever quiz (yeah.. I know. And that's only in our 3rd meeting in Math 17) and we had some sort of presentation in front of the class. Other professor were boring though..but I guess I'll get used to that soon! Every day in school is very tiring because I practically have to walk for a few kilometers everyday to get to my destination inside the campus. And Im glad to finally be able to put up my feet for rest and even sleep for long hours! Hahaha. I even started reading a new novel by Mary Higgin's Clark (I might make a review of that sometime. The story is getting good at the moment.) And just a few hours ago, I came home from a church activity. The youth were supposed to do some stuffs but only a couple of us attended. So, what I did was to watch the Relief Society of our ward make chocolates on sticks and polvoron for tomorrow's occasion. I helped a little by eating some of it! Hahaha :)) Anyway, the weekend had been great so far! And it would be extending until Monday (it's a holiday- in honor of Rizal's 150th birthday) which is kinda cool! And tomorrow's father's day so...

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers out there especially to my dad :))

Good night everyone. Enjoy the weekends like I'm enjoying it! :))

Edited : I decided i was tired so i post the next batch of pictures next time :)) 

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