Saturday, July 30, 2011


A lot of things are on tomorrow. But I really can't blog on the exact date because not-so-long ago, I promised a friend not to ever be online again on a Sunday. So, this day had been very much dedicated for my Harry who's having his birthday tomorrow.

However, it only won't be Harry's birthday but also his creator, J.K. Rowling. I would like to give all my thanks to her for bringing Harry into my life as well as the lives of other millions and millions out there. And as her fans had been her inspiration, she'll also open her Pottermore site tomorrow too. Too bad I can't be one of the first to view it.

I truly love you, Jo!

Anyway, as it's Harry's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!! ♥♥♥

Yeah, he's fictional but who cares?! :))

"HARRY had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair and bright-green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Spellotape because of all the times DUDLEY had punched him on the nose. The only thing HARRY liked about his own appearance was a very thin SCAR on his forehead which was shaped like a bolt of LIGHTNING." [book 1, chapter 2]

Harry isn't simply just as the description above. His struggles had touched many lives including mine and I love him for it... Most of my years had been spent fantasizing of receiving a letter from Hogwarts because I, we all want to expercience it... just as Harry had.. Happy Birthday once more to Jo and Harry! My heart goes out to both of you! ♥

The Great Horcrux Hunt

Weeks ago, one organization from my University held some sort of quiz bee about Harry Potter which they called the Triwizard Cup. That was last July 8 and I badly want to join but it was the same time as my Institute class and I definitely have to attend that because I cannot attend the following Friday for that was my movie schedule. Sam, a friend even volunteered to pay for my registration fee if I decided to join but I I've made my decision. 

Then, a week ago, Cris, my friend from High School invited me to join the 'Great Horcrux Hunt' at the Fully Booked at Boni High Street. She had mistakenly informed me that the Hunt was on a Sunday, specifically July 31. I wanted to join as well. I mean, I might make it, right? But I have to be firm. So I told her I can't. Amazingly, it wasn't on the Sunday, rather July 30 which is just perfect! So I agreed. 

I just came home hours ago from the Hunt. I was supposed to be accompanied by Cris and her sister (which is joining as well) but they were delayed and wasn't able to come altogether. So I ventured alone to Taguig. I actually wasn't sure of where to go at first but fortunately I reached the venue in time. There are LOTS of people in there. As in lots who participated. It actually made me glad to see fellow devotees to the series all grouped together. (Puro mga conyo in fact.) But I belonged there. :))

The host was dressed up like Rita Skeeter which she claims that she wasn't. She's very funny and she made the whole thing very entertaining. I was actually enjoying my time. Its a perfect way to anticipate for Harry Potter's birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn't made it. 

During the easy part, my question was: "How many points did Neville earned during the feast at the last part of the Book1?" That was very easy. During the Medium round there are slight changes in the rules so I've got to answer the question that the previous one haven't. The question was: "Give one instance when Harry heard the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets." My answer was when Harry was in detention with Lockhart and they were answering the fan mail. I was of course correct.. But during the Hard part..fate got really hard on me. The question was: "What spell did Ludo Bagman used to magnify his voice during the World Cup?" I know that I knew the answer if I racked my brains really hard. A lot of pressure's on me and I haven't answered it. The answer was SONORUS.... and I swear, I won't forget that in a heartbeat.

After that, I suit myself in a long walk around Market!Market! and I'm so happy for the moment alone. Below you can see my certificate from the Hunt. This had been a truly remarkable day. :)) 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

♥ DanRad's 22nd ♥


Okay, my years of devotion to the Harry Potter series had me loving everything about it and it all comes down to one person, Dan Rad. 

I would like to thanks Mr&Mrs. Radcliffe for bringing this wonderful person here on earth, for making Harry Potter breathe for real. :)

I remember during one of Ynigma discussions, somebody (i forgot who is it) asked what if it weren't Daniel Radcliffe who portray Harry in the movies. Clarisse answered, "Eh di, wala na." 

That exactly was my thought as well. The Harry Potter franchise won't be the same if Daniel Radcliffe hadn't done the role. 

Ten years of Dan's life had been for Harry Potter and he's now 22. That was a great six years between us. (haha, everything's possible, right?). The movies might have ended but my dream of seeing this particular person for real won't subside.

Happy, happy birthday again, Dan! Thanks for being an inspiration for years of my life, as well as millions of other lives.

I love you with all my heart! :)) ♥♥♥

Anyway, as this day was Daniel Radcliffe dedicated, I saw lots of awesome pictures of my Dheerest DANIEL RADCLIFFE. They're below. 

He's surely an awesome guy. :)) So freaking handsome and great. He's also very articulate (in his interviews) and he's talented.. Wah.. LAHAT NA. 

Anyway, as the movie series had ended, there's still more upcoming Daniel Radcliffe. He'll be having a movie next year, a suspense one. (which really surprised me) called ' The Woman In Black'. Trailer's below.

WOW. My head's full of Dan right now. 
I'll leave it here. :)) Happy 22nd birthday my Dheers DANIEL RADCLIFFE. :)) Love you!! 

Nothing Can Fail Me, When Its 23 :]]

July 23 last year, 2010, the seniors back in my high school had a competition. We had to exhibit some sort of aerodancing for our Nutrition Month. Our section put a lot of hard work on it, we stayed up late for practices and fight over which songs to use. Our adviser Miss Carl had been so supportive. Everyone exerted their own efforts and it was a really fun time with Berzelius.

Anyway, what's with all of this?

Its because at that particular event, my very own quotation 'nothing can fail me, when its 23' originated. As the results were about to come, we were getting discouraged and discouraged by every second. Only the top 3 can continue to the finals. By the time two winners were already declared, some of our group headed out of the gym not to literally 'hear' our defeat. During the early hours of the competition, I was so confident, living by my recently acquired principle in life (haha). But I was actually one of those who were about to leave when "the uniBERZ" was called. It was pure delight. And from then on, when it's 23, nothing can fail me. :))

And it still does, even a year later. And its not just because of that. Because July 23 is also Daniel Radcliffe's birthday. (I'll have a post dedicated for his birthday). And today has been awesome. 

Our youth had an activity today, which was supposed to be Bowling. I was really excited about this but the venue was reserved for some sort of competition. So what we did was to hang out with the mall. It was so fun being outside the confines of church and another's home for the first time to have fun with my church friends. I started being the usual 'me' around friends. And this indeed made us closer. Especially us girls. 

It still holds true. 
Nothing can fail me, when its 23. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Swear

Math class earlier this day, I beheld a sight that made me sad deeply. I suddenly thought of many possibilities throughout the rest of the day. By the time I was on my ride home, an idea already forming in my head and I need to put it into writing. Please read it at Miss Literati. And subscribe and rate. Thank you. This story means a lot to me. Inspired by the very people revolving around my life, tis better be good :))

Monday, July 18, 2011



A very quick post!
Today is a major day! Its our departmental exams in Chem16 which is a major subject. I know I'm not that prepared. I just woke up at 12midnight and still up until now reviewing. And I hope it will suffice. Aside from Chemistry, I also have an exam in tenpin bowling. And I hope I'll do well in both. I'm tired. And I hope life won't be hard.....

My first exam's at 8am. I gotta go prep.
I need my Lord's guidance.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

No words can describe how the film series ended. One could say it's great but I know its way better than that. I laughed. I cried. And I was so surprised when the crowd inside the cinema clapped by the end of the movie. They were feeling the same way. I can feel the same devotion I have as everyone clapped. It was overwhelming.

Last June 27, my father and I reserved tickets for four at IMAX. I want to watch it on the premiere night (which is Thursday, July 14) but due to conflicting schedule we bought tickets for Friday instead. When we bought the tickets online I was so surprised to see that alot of people had already reserved their seats. And that was weeks before the showing date! But I happy that we're still able to get good seats even if it weren't the best ones. (Best seats in IMAX is at the center of letter M. We sat at L.) We were actually almost late when we got there but thankfully IMAX didn't really strictly follow the time schedule.

The movie is so cool. (I can't think of other words.) Its a great wrap for the whole series. I'm sad to see it end. It means there won't be anymore anticipation for another book or film. But thankfully J.K. Rowling understood the needs of her fans so she set up the Pottermore site. I'm looking forward to that. I've cried lot's of tears. My parents (who weren't really fans of the series but just go along with it because I love it) liked it too. Even my mom, who've never shown any interest before was intrigue.

Yes, the series have ended but HARRY POTTER will always be in my heart. It's been years since I've been amazed by Harry's magic. And even now, I still am. And will always be... :))

at the theater. :]]

Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Last World Premiere- Red Carpet Speeches

Last friday, July 8,2011 in London UK, the last film installment of the Harry Potter series was premiered. The cast, staff and the author gave amazing, and tear-jerking speeches. Hearing them (its like their last words already :c) made me really :"((.

I like Dan's idea about Harry Potter not really ending this week. It will forever be in my heart. :)


Good evening! :]]
I actually have lots in my mind to blog about these past few days but whenever I'm in front of the laptop, poised to type I totally forgot what to write! From the wonderful things about my institute, to my annoying professors, til' the stuff happening in my ward and family and with the upcoming, last movie of the Harry Potter Series... I want to write about all of those! Haiz. But we'll get around that soon.

Tonight is solely dedicated to my Fraternity. (Not really solely. I might post about my Harry Potter after this.) Hahaha. Its not really a fraternity of sort. Its just our group of friends in our block in school (block g9A). We hang out during lunch break and sometimes after school and talked about everything! From our old high school days, to our profs, to our other classmates, to movies we like and books, about Pokemon (haha), we play angry birds. We even have code names and teases already. Namely, Jemames (please like this page!), to JeGo, EuGo, ChelNico, and so many more! The most fantastic though is Jemames. Hahaha. :) 

As for the name of our sort-of frat, Mark actually came up with it. We were passing by the 'tambayan' of different frat and all their names varied from beta, alpha, delta, sigma, etc. And he just said. "Kalabanin nga natin yang mga frat na yan. Magbuo tayo ng YNIGMA FRATERNITY." That was a good laugh and amazingly it stuck! We're now called ynigma and its so fun being with everybody. 

And to prove this solidarity, our group will be joining some sort of quiz for the freshies called the 'Block Booster'. The questions would be anything under the sun. --meaning ANYTHING. hahaha.. The prize is 15,00 for the first place and i really hope we win because I badly need the money! haha :)

So, I as promised from my previous post the pictures are here! :) Really cool pics :)

At the Chem Lab. Picture taking.

Pure delight :)

Previous lab day (than the earlier pic). Before the lab began.

Again before the lab. I just tied my hair. L-R: derik, eu, mark, chelsea, riza, clarisse

At the math canteen. Stolen shot. I was laughing about something.
Another day. At the math canteen again. Feeling drowsy.

In front of rm 302 at the math building. waiting for our class.

Math Building stairs pictorial.

another at the stairs. L-R: clarisse, jelou, mei, eu, derik, mark

a proud shot. Every girl's pretty here :))

at the Lobby of Math building. I'm their goddess. haha :)

the foot of the stair, first floor still math building. They're deciding how to pose. Haha
Before the Long Exam in Math 17 last friday. Nakakabother! 

Agreed on a pic. So pretty.
More laughter to laugh, more love teams to tease, more bonding together, more memories to make. College is getting awesome. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Finally! TOP ONE wishlist came off the list! I finally had my own dreamcatcher! As in for real! Not some improvise sort of it but a real one. Since my 16th birthday, I've been using my angel decor stuff as my dreamcatcher but now its for real (okay, i'm redundant, i know) and I can even hang it around my neck. Plus, whenever I would wear it, it would complement my new purple eyes (I had a pair of contact lens which I just got  a few hours ago. I'm planning to have some photo session featuring this and my ate's brown eyes and upload it here...but i have to find time for that). I absolutely fell in love with it. Friday last week, we had a free cut in my geography class because we're supposed to watch something but the vid won't play. So, Derik, Mei (my blockmates) and I end up walking to the betaway up to the Shopping Center. And we just roam around it. When we're in this shop called 'Handog' which specialized on gift items and accessories, etc and as I was scanning the accessories I found the dreamcatcher. I actually was originally scanning for some earrings thinking that my ate would absolutely love them because she's into danglings. I also found some bracelets that I would really love to have. I saw this particular one from papemelroti (the shop has lots of products from papemelroti) that says 'Live the Present' and its talking to me. Hahaha. That sounds crazy. But what I meant is that its so appealing and the kind that I would wear for all my life. Anyway, back to the dreamcatcher, I saw it among their native necklaces and I was surprised. of course Mei doesn't really know that I have some longing for a dreamcatcher but I told her 'that's mine'. I didn't buy it that time though. I bought it last Monday. It was our PE at Ever Commonwealth (I'm taking bowling) and we (Rodrigo and Earl-my classmates in this class) have to stop at the SC because Earl bought his P.E. shirt. And while they're in the Maroons I went there in handog and in an out-of-a-sudden decision I bought it. I was so happy that time! Hahaha. So boo-boo bad dreams!! :))

Anyway, below are a couple of pictures. I love it. I wore for the first time this day when we went in church for a baptism. The pics are edited since I look crappy at that time (actually even until now :]] )

tonight's gonna be a GOOD NIGHT! :)

EDITS: Showed my best friend JAM this blog for the first time :) she saw some grammar mistakes. LOL. which i obligingly corrected :]]