Saturday, July 23, 2011

♥ DanRad's 22nd ♥


Okay, my years of devotion to the Harry Potter series had me loving everything about it and it all comes down to one person, Dan Rad. 

I would like to thanks Mr&Mrs. Radcliffe for bringing this wonderful person here on earth, for making Harry Potter breathe for real. :)

I remember during one of Ynigma discussions, somebody (i forgot who is it) asked what if it weren't Daniel Radcliffe who portray Harry in the movies. Clarisse answered, "Eh di, wala na." 

That exactly was my thought as well. The Harry Potter franchise won't be the same if Daniel Radcliffe hadn't done the role. 

Ten years of Dan's life had been for Harry Potter and he's now 22. That was a great six years between us. (haha, everything's possible, right?). The movies might have ended but my dream of seeing this particular person for real won't subside.

Happy, happy birthday again, Dan! Thanks for being an inspiration for years of my life, as well as millions of other lives.

I love you with all my heart! :)) ♥♥♥

Anyway, as this day was Daniel Radcliffe dedicated, I saw lots of awesome pictures of my Dheerest DANIEL RADCLIFFE. They're below. 

He's surely an awesome guy. :)) So freaking handsome and great. He's also very articulate (in his interviews) and he's talented.. Wah.. LAHAT NA. 

Anyway, as the movie series had ended, there's still more upcoming Daniel Radcliffe. He'll be having a movie next year, a suspense one. (which really surprised me) called ' The Woman In Black'. Trailer's below.

WOW. My head's full of Dan right now. 
I'll leave it here. :)) Happy 22nd birthday my Dheers DANIEL RADCLIFFE. :)) Love you!! 

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