Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Great Horcrux Hunt

Weeks ago, one organization from my University held some sort of quiz bee about Harry Potter which they called the Triwizard Cup. That was last July 8 and I badly want to join but it was the same time as my Institute class and I definitely have to attend that because I cannot attend the following Friday for that was my movie schedule. Sam, a friend even volunteered to pay for my registration fee if I decided to join but I I've made my decision. 

Then, a week ago, Cris, my friend from High School invited me to join the 'Great Horcrux Hunt' at the Fully Booked at Boni High Street. She had mistakenly informed me that the Hunt was on a Sunday, specifically July 31. I wanted to join as well. I mean, I might make it, right? But I have to be firm. So I told her I can't. Amazingly, it wasn't on the Sunday, rather July 30 which is just perfect! So I agreed. 

I just came home hours ago from the Hunt. I was supposed to be accompanied by Cris and her sister (which is joining as well) but they were delayed and wasn't able to come altogether. So I ventured alone to Taguig. I actually wasn't sure of where to go at first but fortunately I reached the venue in time. There are LOTS of people in there. As in lots who participated. It actually made me glad to see fellow devotees to the series all grouped together. (Puro mga conyo in fact.) But I belonged there. :))

The host was dressed up like Rita Skeeter which she claims that she wasn't. She's very funny and she made the whole thing very entertaining. I was actually enjoying my time. Its a perfect way to anticipate for Harry Potter's birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn't made it. 

During the easy part, my question was: "How many points did Neville earned during the feast at the last part of the Book1?" That was very easy. During the Medium round there are slight changes in the rules so I've got to answer the question that the previous one haven't. The question was: "Give one instance when Harry heard the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets." My answer was when Harry was in detention with Lockhart and they were answering the fan mail. I was of course correct.. But during the Hard part..fate got really hard on me. The question was: "What spell did Ludo Bagman used to magnify his voice during the World Cup?" I know that I knew the answer if I racked my brains really hard. A lot of pressure's on me and I haven't answered it. The answer was SONORUS.... and I swear, I won't forget that in a heartbeat.

After that, I suit myself in a long walk around Market!Market! and I'm so happy for the moment alone. Below you can see my certificate from the Hunt. This had been a truly remarkable day. :)) 

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