Saturday, July 30, 2011


A lot of things are on tomorrow. But I really can't blog on the exact date because not-so-long ago, I promised a friend not to ever be online again on a Sunday. So, this day had been very much dedicated for my Harry who's having his birthday tomorrow.

However, it only won't be Harry's birthday but also his creator, J.K. Rowling. I would like to give all my thanks to her for bringing Harry into my life as well as the lives of other millions and millions out there. And as her fans had been her inspiration, she'll also open her Pottermore site tomorrow too. Too bad I can't be one of the first to view it.

I truly love you, Jo!

Anyway, as it's Harry's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY POTTER!! ♥♥♥

Yeah, he's fictional but who cares?! :))

"HARRY had a thin face, knobbly knees, black hair and bright-green eyes. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Spellotape because of all the times DUDLEY had punched him on the nose. The only thing HARRY liked about his own appearance was a very thin SCAR on his forehead which was shaped like a bolt of LIGHTNING." [book 1, chapter 2]

Harry isn't simply just as the description above. His struggles had touched many lives including mine and I love him for it... Most of my years had been spent fantasizing of receiving a letter from Hogwarts because I, we all want to expercience it... just as Harry had.. Happy Birthday once more to Jo and Harry! My heart goes out to both of you! ♥

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