Saturday, July 9, 2011


Finally! TOP ONE wishlist came off the list! I finally had my own dreamcatcher! As in for real! Not some improvise sort of it but a real one. Since my 16th birthday, I've been using my angel decor stuff as my dreamcatcher but now its for real (okay, i'm redundant, i know) and I can even hang it around my neck. Plus, whenever I would wear it, it would complement my new purple eyes (I had a pair of contact lens which I just got  a few hours ago. I'm planning to have some photo session featuring this and my ate's brown eyes and upload it here...but i have to find time for that). I absolutely fell in love with it. Friday last week, we had a free cut in my geography class because we're supposed to watch something but the vid won't play. So, Derik, Mei (my blockmates) and I end up walking to the betaway up to the Shopping Center. And we just roam around it. When we're in this shop called 'Handog' which specialized on gift items and accessories, etc and as I was scanning the accessories I found the dreamcatcher. I actually was originally scanning for some earrings thinking that my ate would absolutely love them because she's into danglings. I also found some bracelets that I would really love to have. I saw this particular one from papemelroti (the shop has lots of products from papemelroti) that says 'Live the Present' and its talking to me. Hahaha. That sounds crazy. But what I meant is that its so appealing and the kind that I would wear for all my life. Anyway, back to the dreamcatcher, I saw it among their native necklaces and I was surprised. of course Mei doesn't really know that I have some longing for a dreamcatcher but I told her 'that's mine'. I didn't buy it that time though. I bought it last Monday. It was our PE at Ever Commonwealth (I'm taking bowling) and we (Rodrigo and Earl-my classmates in this class) have to stop at the SC because Earl bought his P.E. shirt. And while they're in the Maroons I went there in handog and in an out-of-a-sudden decision I bought it. I was so happy that time! Hahaha. So boo-boo bad dreams!! :))

Anyway, below are a couple of pictures. I love it. I wore for the first time this day when we went in church for a baptism. The pics are edited since I look crappy at that time (actually even until now :]] )

tonight's gonna be a GOOD NIGHT! :)

EDITS: Showed my best friend JAM this blog for the first time :) she saw some grammar mistakes. LOL. which i obligingly corrected :]]

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