Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nothing Can Fail Me, When Its 23 :]]

July 23 last year, 2010, the seniors back in my high school had a competition. We had to exhibit some sort of aerodancing for our Nutrition Month. Our section put a lot of hard work on it, we stayed up late for practices and fight over which songs to use. Our adviser Miss Carl had been so supportive. Everyone exerted their own efforts and it was a really fun time with Berzelius.

Anyway, what's with all of this?

Its because at that particular event, my very own quotation 'nothing can fail me, when its 23' originated. As the results were about to come, we were getting discouraged and discouraged by every second. Only the top 3 can continue to the finals. By the time two winners were already declared, some of our group headed out of the gym not to literally 'hear' our defeat. During the early hours of the competition, I was so confident, living by my recently acquired principle in life (haha). But I was actually one of those who were about to leave when "the uniBERZ" was called. It was pure delight. And from then on, when it's 23, nothing can fail me. :))

And it still does, even a year later. And its not just because of that. Because July 23 is also Daniel Radcliffe's birthday. (I'll have a post dedicated for his birthday). And today has been awesome. 

Our youth had an activity today, which was supposed to be Bowling. I was really excited about this but the venue was reserved for some sort of competition. So what we did was to hang out with the mall. It was so fun being outside the confines of church and another's home for the first time to have fun with my church friends. I started being the usual 'me' around friends. And this indeed made us closer. Especially us girls. 

It still holds true. 
Nothing can fail me, when its 23. :)

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