Monday, July 11, 2011


Good evening! :]]
I actually have lots in my mind to blog about these past few days but whenever I'm in front of the laptop, poised to type I totally forgot what to write! From the wonderful things about my institute, to my annoying professors, til' the stuff happening in my ward and family and with the upcoming, last movie of the Harry Potter Series... I want to write about all of those! Haiz. But we'll get around that soon.

Tonight is solely dedicated to my Fraternity. (Not really solely. I might post about my Harry Potter after this.) Hahaha. Its not really a fraternity of sort. Its just our group of friends in our block in school (block g9A). We hang out during lunch break and sometimes after school and talked about everything! From our old high school days, to our profs, to our other classmates, to movies we like and books, about Pokemon (haha), we play angry birds. We even have code names and teases already. Namely, Jemames (please like this page!), to JeGo, EuGo, ChelNico, and so many more! The most fantastic though is Jemames. Hahaha. :) 

As for the name of our sort-of frat, Mark actually came up with it. We were passing by the 'tambayan' of different frat and all their names varied from beta, alpha, delta, sigma, etc. And he just said. "Kalabanin nga natin yang mga frat na yan. Magbuo tayo ng YNIGMA FRATERNITY." That was a good laugh and amazingly it stuck! We're now called ynigma and its so fun being with everybody. 

And to prove this solidarity, our group will be joining some sort of quiz for the freshies called the 'Block Booster'. The questions would be anything under the sun. --meaning ANYTHING. hahaha.. The prize is 15,00 for the first place and i really hope we win because I badly need the money! haha :)

So, I as promised from my previous post the pictures are here! :) Really cool pics :)

At the Chem Lab. Picture taking.

Pure delight :)

Previous lab day (than the earlier pic). Before the lab began.

Again before the lab. I just tied my hair. L-R: derik, eu, mark, chelsea, riza, clarisse

At the math canteen. Stolen shot. I was laughing about something.
Another day. At the math canteen again. Feeling drowsy.

In front of rm 302 at the math building. waiting for our class.

Math Building stairs pictorial.

another at the stairs. L-R: clarisse, jelou, mei, eu, derik, mark

a proud shot. Every girl's pretty here :))

at the Lobby of Math building. I'm their goddess. haha :)

the foot of the stair, first floor still math building. They're deciding how to pose. Haha
Before the Long Exam in Math 17 last friday. Nakakabother! 

Agreed on a pic. So pretty.
More laughter to laugh, more love teams to tease, more bonding together, more memories to make. College is getting awesome. :)

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