Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amanda Grange's Mr. Darcy's Diary

Plot: Do I really have to tell you? Who haven't heard about one of the greatest literary works ever by Jane Austen? Oh well. This book is practically 'Pride and Prejudice' only with Mr. Darcy's POV. Its just about the unlikely romance between the wealthy and obviously a high-class Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet of a normal household and without connections which during the turn of 19th century (the story's setting) is really unacceptable. At Pride and Prejudice, it centers on what happen in Lizzy's life and how she began hating the man and soon realizing that her speculations are wrong and then falling in love with the man that surprises everyone because of much hatred she'd shown before. However, Grange's work focuses of Mr. Darcy, on how he struggle to get away with his feelings for the woman because of his obvious distaste for her family. But he need not feign any longer because love transcends such boundaries.

Review: Jane Austen had made every lady who've read PaP giddy just with her words and cutting out what most romance fiction have nowadays. In short, its pure classic. But Grange's work is amazing because it gives us what we all want. More romance. And I really enjoyed reading the book. I read books written in the same diary-type of way but this book is by far the best. It never strayed away from the original story and it gives us a glimpse of what's running inside our protagonist's head. Darcy is such a sweet man. At first, he cares too much about what would his reputation be if Mrs. Bennet became his mother-in-law and if he'd get to have Lizzy's younger sisters as sisters-in-law. He's full of himself and he thinks that his first proposal to Elizabeth would be accepted. I wouldn't blame Elizabeth of course with what she saw in the surface and what she heard in their first meeting but still, she'd judged. What's wrong with Darcy, on the other hand, is that he keeps on denying his feelings at first. But in the end, they got over their pride and prejudices and lived happily ever after. (forgive me, I'm overwhelmed.) Anyway, back to his diary, I find it amazing that the conversations are in tact even the long ones. That's one easy mistake to make but I wont take it against the author because she did really great. I liked how she pen the things running inside Darcy's head and how she added some fun and more romance in the end. I liked the way Elizabeth is being describe and how the author didn't change Austen's characters' nature. It'd be cool if she had added just a few bits in it in the end and make the span somehow closer to the ending in PaP. But altogether I enjoyed it. It made me really all kilig inside and I was up most of the night thinking of when My Mr. Darcy will come... ♥♥

Below are few of Darcy's thoughts. Read the book. Highly recommended for Austen's fans.

...I thought that, if there was one person in the room I should like to see dancing, it was she.
...if i wish to admire Miss Elizabeth Bennet, I shall do so, and not all Caroline's sallies on fine eyes ans mothers-in law will prevent me.
...Is she a sphinx sent to torment me? She must be, for my thoughts are not usually so poetic.

Another thing to share. I know it wouldn't surprise you to know that I've watch the PaP film with Keira Knightly for IDK-what times already (I even own an original VCD) but it was always the English version. I don't know there's an American one with a different and much better ending until recently. And kinilig talaga ako. :)) Watch it here and giggle all you want :))

NOTE: Please forgive me for grammar errors. There's alot I know. (even on my other posts) but i'm too tired and lazy to correct them. :))

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