Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beyond The Clouds

Beyond The Clouds
By Eunice L. Saldivar, II- Euclid

Have you ever been in an airplane ride? If ever you had, you will notice that airplanes fly above the clouds. This is very necessary for us to have a smooth ride. Nevertheless, to reach beyond these clouds, it takes the airplane great force to pass thru the turbulence and to go against the gravity. Soon as the plane had passed thru these, you will experience the ideal airplane ride.

It is very funny how this principle could be applied in our lives. You will see that life provide us with great challenges of our time that we have to deal with in order to reach beyond the clouds. We have to fight all of these and help each other’s on theirs as well. Mostly, these problems come within our adolescence because our choices in this stage have a great effect on our future. We will never know.

We are now in the 20th century. There are too many influences in our lives. Too many changes had happened too, in our culture, in our attitudes, in things we give importance to and mostly to the way, we see life.

That is the problem with our youth at the present time. The way they see life is really has a great difference from the youth before. Today, our youth faces many challenges that really test their strength. Too many influences also has a great effect on  them.

Nowadays, whenever you were not equipped with these latest gadgets, you will get out of place. Well, probably you have already heard about these latest gadgets that our youth are longing to have. PSP’s, cellphones, IPods, mp3players, laptops; those are they. Wherever you look, you will see many people handling those: mostly youth. 

One more thing is that youth idolizes many celebrities in our time and even imitate the way they dress. You will see an entire lot of them. Whenever you asked them about this star, they will answer you with the whole lot of their knowledge. They also know all of these latest songs. They can surely recite the exact lyrics of these. Yet, when it comes to education and literacy, they will just stare at you uninterestedly.

Well, don’t you mess up with these youth too! Because if ever you will, not that you will be in trouble but you will be smeared with many harmful words that you will wish had never existed. I cannot really imagine where they had learned these but this problem is keeping on growing. Even children of very early age are very much included in these.

There also come the youth’s problems with their family. Many youth value their friends more than their family. We are also very much aware of the youth who ran away from their homes not even acknowledging the entire thing their family had done for them. Here now comes the rules of the so-called EMO. It is short-termed for emotional. It is very popular in our youth who got problems in their families.

These problems may be very alarming. But are you now ready for the worst?  There is no such thing as the worstest for early matrimony among the youth. It comes thru early relationships itself. This is very common nowadays. Still, even though man are in this case, you still cannot say that it is right.

I never did understand why these things happen. I never did figure out why the youth is very much involved with this. What is there to gain? Why would anyone want something like this?

These may to be a lot to take in but it is for real. Let us not be blinded by things in our environment. Do you still remember what did our national hero once said? ‘The youth is the hope for our nation’. This is true. The youth, we, are the key. We should not be deceived by these modern inventions, we should always live our lives by the who we really are, we should love our family and take good care of them, and lastly, we should give importance to thing we have and not to take it for granted.

There seems to be a lot of thing for us to pass before we get beyond the clouds. One thing is certain, once you are already there it is all worth it.

NOTE: My speech during Sophomore year. The topic was about Youth Degeneration. The idea about the turbulence was from an article in the Liahona, i forgot which issue it is. It was chosen to be the piece to be use by my classmate who's gonna represent our class in a competition. Reading it once again, I have lots of things I want to change about this speech. Anyway, I wouldn't want to tamper with it. When I delivered it in class I got a grade of 96, the second to the highest (because the highest was the one who participated in the competition). And the piece was also awarded 3rd place during the competition. I know by the greatest standards this is weak... But hey, I was 13 that time. :)) Hahaha.

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