Friday, August 19, 2011

C'est La Vie

My all new blog is here!

Just hours ago, this blog features a background of a book with a couple of its pages shaped a hearts. The page is too colorful for my taste (even though I find it really pretty at first) so I decided to change it. And ergo the new one! Hahaha. The background was from Blogger itself. I just randomly clicked an image and it worked. Amazing.

I also changed the blog title. Previously, it was "Its not Eu. Its Me." but its too personal so i changed it to a French phrase, "C'est La Vie" (Such is Life/That's Life). I was so Vanessa Carlton inspired today, so I named my blog from her song of the same title. I originally plan on making it "Nolita Fairytale" but that seems to suggest something and I've never been to Nolita anyway. The blog description was now "its all too sweet to last". Its a line from Carlton's White Houses. And I also changed the Url. It now reads Chez Eu instead of its previous Its Eu. The new url has some french tinge in it (just like the title). In english it means "Eu's".

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