Friday, August 19, 2011

First Impressions

FIRST IMPRESSIONS are always sweet to remember... but be sure to know the person better, so you can judge no longer!!

That was my status in Facebook 22 hours ago. I didn't expect my college friends and I to have this first-impressions talk this soon but I'm glad we did. We were in IC-BG yesterday waiting for our prof and other classmates when Ynigma suddenly had this talk of our first impressions of everyone. Most people do the same thing of course. Every first day of classes, we always have first impression of everyone and soon right after we'd known each other better, we'll tell each other about these previous impressions and we're sure to laugh about it. And we did. Most of our impressions does not really match our real personalities aside from the few correct ones. The downside was, their first impression about me. It didn't actually come as a real shock to me because that had been what others thought of me at first since high school: that i'm MATARAY. Well, I actually can't blame them because I sometimes don't feel like being friendly. And I have these really annoying eyebrows that look like they're always raised (like what mean girls do) which adds to their speculations. But, I swear! Once people get to know me better, they'll eat their first impressions just like what Ynigma did. But at times they still argue that I really am a snob. Hahahaha. :))

It's so sweet to laugh about these things with friends and oftentimes we realize that there's more to a person that what we see on the surface. I feel like I've known these people forever and I certainly hope I will. :))

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