Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Swear

What one might thought of a blissful life,
Could be something that shouldn’t be treated light.
One could get over the sense of rue,
If she tried to seek what’s new.
Would you still consider living a life,
Where everyone tells you what’s right.
Depending on others to decide for you,
And secretly wanting to be someone else too.
Would you let a person into your life,
Who swears to love you with all his might.
A man so true to you, would you sue?
Or choose to live a life untrue?

A few minutes ago, I decided to change my story description of 'I Swear' at Miss Lits (see link on the side bar) and I still don't know how the story will grow and eventually end so I decided to make a poem instead. My thoughts are in circles right now... i hope this story will be great. :) Good evening to all.

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