Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last week, I've been using our old computer because my sister is so busy with the laptop. We weren't able to use it for a long time because the monitor is kinda malfunctioning and it's mouse is broken. But that time, I really have no choice but to use it, even without a mouse. It feels so weird using Windows XP once again after a long time, but the great thing about using the old computer was that I found most of my old papers from from High School especially during my junior year where I made lot's of essays about different classical works. I've decided to share them here because it simply brings me joy to have them again and to be preserved here forever. (Hahaha. Biglang nagdrama.) Anyway, my next posts would be them with a few notes from me. Too bad I don't have the hard copies anymore (my teachers have them) because they contain the true story. :)) The scores are also there too. And I could tell, they're good. Hahaha. I have a few regrets though of not saving my other essays, especially my arguments about the Divorce in my senior year for a debate. I remembered getting an applause from everybody after delivering it. I wish I still have it.. Anyway, ergo :))

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