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Shakespeare On The "O"

Shakespeare on the “O”

I. Conflict
Hugo Goulding was always overshadowed by his teammate Odin James, more commonly known as “O”, the only African-American in their school. O was always the hero of their basketball games. He is also very much loved by many particularly their coach, Duke Goulding , who happens to be Hugo’s father. He is also the boyfriend of the school’s most popular girl, Desi Brable, the Dean’s daughter. These things about O led Hugo to seek for O’s destruction and take away everything from him even if it means sacrificing other people’s lives.

II. Symbolisms/Metaphors
1. SCARF – symbolizes treachery at the time that Emily stole it for Hugo to use it against O. It also symbolizes jealousy when Bianca learned that’s its from Desi and when O thought Desi gave to Michael.
2. GUN – it symbolizes being self-centered. The characters used it for their own gain, excluding Odin who used it because of too much hatred for himself for what he had done.
3. BASKETBALL – it is life’s game. We sometimes lose, sometimes we win.
4. O – the movie title itself. It does not only pertain to Odin but a circle that has no end. Everything in our lives comes in full circle: joy, sorrow, peace, betrayal, trust, and so forth.
5. DEATH – the death of many characters in the movie led to what Hugo most desires, attention. But not in the way he would have wanted it to be. It also symbolizes a new beginning for him to feel some remorse for what he had done.

III. How were the characters played up?
The characters in the story were played up by their desires to have or be able to do something that lead them to a tragic fate.
  • Hugo – his desire to be loved and have everything O did have that he did plot against him.
  • Odin – his desire to be Desi’s only true love that he went back doing his old thing
  • Roger – his his desire to be  Desi’s that he did what Hugo asked him to do
  • Coach Duke – his desire of training someone like O that he took less notice of his son
  • Michael – his desire to return to the team that he took Hugo’s advice
  • Desi – her desire to help Michael with his dilemma
  • Emily – her desire to impress her boyfriend by betraying her best friend

IV. Theme
The theme is mainly about desire: Hugo’s desire to destroy Odin; Odin desire not to be cheated; Michael’s desire to go back to the team; Roger’s desire for Desi; Emily’s desire for Hugo and so forth. These desires to obtain something made them look on things blindly. They begin hating each other, believing pretenses, suspecting and plotting against each other and killing.

Note: This was my paper back in Junior Year. We were studying Shakespeare and our group was assigned to watch the film "O" starring Josh Harnett. The film was based on Shakespeare's Othello. I haven't read that particular play nor have I watched the whole film. Hahahaha. There's a little bit of cheating done here because our group just discussed the plot for we don't have time to watch the whole film. We only watched bits of it. Besides, I made sure that my work would be authentic. I remember my teacher asking if internet's involved in this paper. Yes, it is- in parts about the story but the theme, the symbolisms and other opinions are really from my own shell! haha. I'm actually glad that I came up with the idea of "O" as a symbolism. My inspiration for that was Miley Cyrus' Full Circle song. Hahaha. 

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