Tuesday, September 20, 2011


One Choice
Decides Your Friends

One Choice
Defines Your Beliefs

One Choice
Determines Your Loyalties---Forever

One Choice
Can Transform You

This 489 pages book just published last May 3, 2011 by Veronica Roth was recommended by a friend. I was supposed to read something else before this but earlier this day (or I could say yesterday since it just turned 12AM here in RP) but as I scan my ebooks, the title calls out to me, begging to be read. I started it midmorning. The setting of the story is a Dystopian Chicago where people are divided by their factions, namely Amity- home for those who eliminates aggression and seeks peace, Erudite- home for those of great knowledge and despises ignorance, Abnegation- detests selfishness and rejoices in selflessness, Candor- relishes honesty and rules our lies and Dauntless- revels in courage and reviles cowardice. When I started it, The Hunger Games trilogy came up in my mind, though I haven't really started that series. Maybe because the settings are both in a Dystopia but as I go on, that's where the similarities end.

By the fourth chapter, I have to stop because I've got my PE class (bowling) to attend to and I really need to submit something at the University. However, on my way home I stopped at Robinsons Galleria at spent hours at Bestsellers continuing the book. I was so into it that I wasn't fully aware of the time. I then have to go home and just finished the book approximately an hour ago because that's how good it is!

Anyway, back to the story, our heroine, Beatrice 'Tris' Prior is born an Abnegation and she somehow feels the need to be herself and stop pretending who she's not. This is a common theme in the YA novels at the present time though for some reason I didn't thought of it as a cliche in this novel as what I thought of others. She was given the choice, as every sixteen-year-olds in their society was. However, the act of choosing had been made harder when she discovered than she's something more that these factions could hold. But she had to choose, and in the end her choice is Dauntless. In here, she met friends, enemies. She felt at home. She had faced her fears and overcome them. She had met Four.

Now, Four certainly is a character to love. (Who wouldn't?) But there are characters that I totally hate. And won't be mentioning them. After series of tests and fights, they were to discover that (borrowing Caleb's words) something big is happening. And the Divergents has a great role. Along the way, Tris learned the art of sacrifice for the greater good, even if it means the lives of loved ones or even hers. But the best thing is discovering who she really is and her real purpose.

Ok, I tried my best not to say much and I hope that it would suffice. The book, is awesome, there goes Roth's sleepless nights, earning her fans around the globe. However, the end was unexpected. I was like, "That's it?". *Laughs. But, good strategy because I can hardly wait for Insurgent to come out next year. What I admire about Roth is that she knows WAR. Meaning, it's unlike other books where the outcomes of wars and fights are always expected, always in favor of the protagonist. There is pain, fear, courage, love, passion, selflessness, etc. This is a book made for teens but one that adults would totally love. And the idea of the faction thing had somehow brought back memories of the Houses in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Altogether, a great read and a must!

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