Saturday, October 1, 2011


In one moment
it is over.
In one moment
it is gone.
The morning grows
thin, grey
and our lives-
how they were-
have vanished.
Our lives have
when I walk in
on Lizzie
my sister
holding a shotgun.


That description would have been confusing right? Yes, I was confused when I first read that from the book's back flap but this is a heartwarming story. The first novel by Carol Lynch Williams that I've read, and I really enjoyed it. (I actually want to read The Chosen One but its hard finding a copy of that book here in RP.) This 500-page book is a very quick read. I finished it for about two hours. The style is unique and authentic. At first I find myself getting irritated because the words are confusing. But I've got the hang of it and soon started enjoying it. 

Glimpse is a poetic tale about the Chapman sisters: Lizzie and Hope. Hope, at twelve, struggles when she saw her older sister trying to kill herself. Lizzie was soon sent into the hospital refusing to talk to people other than her closest and only sister, Hope. What could be the meaning behind all this? What does Lizzie means when she told her to "be careful"? What was the secret that mom doesn't want Lizzie to tell the doctors?

Hope, every night, keeps missing her sister more and more, demanding for her presence. Bound by a strong sisterly love, Hope knows that its up for her to unravel the reason behind her sister attempt for suicide, for by finding the answers, Hope does not only saves her sister, but also herself.

 Is the key really behind her dreams at night that stopped when Lizzie was sent to the hospital? Or does it date back to the night their father died. . .


That must have been the coolest summary i could give right now. I'm proud of that. It does not tell much about the story but it's enough. Unlike those descriptions from GoodReads and Amazon, which I hope you won't give a glance.

 This story is short. I could summarize in five sentences or so. But don't put it down, you might find yourself really into it or shed a few tears. With great suspense, bouts of mystery, the undying love of a sister, thoughts of friendship and flickers of romance, this book is a must-read! At times, I find myself thinking about my own Lizzie, or should I say Abby? And I know, even before reading this (the love just intensified), that I would do anything to protect my sister. 


It have been a quick
I know
But I might just
Give another go
Appreciate more
The poetic flow
And let the meaning
Inside me, grow.


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