Wednesday, September 14, 2011


After weeks of waiting, I've finally received my welcome email from Pottermore! Well, it was actually weeks ago that I did, but I've only thought of blogging about like... ten minutes ago! But yeah, I'm very happy. It wouldn't surprise you to know that I actually have two accounts. And please do add me as a friend if you have an account as well, especially the brave and chivalrous Gryffindors which is my house on both accounts.

The site is interesting but it definitely lacks something. Music is number one on the list. Yes, it was interactive but its a bit dull. However, I really don't mind those down sides because we Potterheads should be thankful that Jo did this wonderful thing for us, to keep Harry in our remembrance all the time.

My two accounts are HeartLumos143 and PatronusHazel36 with my wands 12 3/4 Larch with Unicorn Core, Rigid and 10 3/4 Holly with Unicorn Core, Supple respectively. Please do add me up and let's experience the Ultimate Harry Potter experience together. ;)

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