Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ynigma's Can't Get You Out of My Head

Do you ever get bored with your friends? You, might say, "No way! Who would be bored with friends?" I know. Believe me, I know that response. However, Ynigma had been kind of bored last Thursday and we cooked something... I can't pen what sort of thing it is really, but we did something. We just had our Practical Exam in Chem16 and we were the first batch to do the exam giving up almost four hours of break. We were walking at the Science Complex when we suddenly felt like walking at the amphitheater. They were actually joking about walking at the chord of the circular area in there. And out of nothing to do, we decided to imitate the Skins Dance of Can't get you out of my head. Watch below. 

Yeah, our group is really into this Skins generation (with awesome Freddie, crazy Effy, cool-dude Cook and not-so-cool JJ ;) And this dance was really cute although short and we did a very humiliating version of it.

Yes, its humiliating, but those were fun times. Why be ashamed of being happy with friends? I was on the right side most corner. What's not cool is that cars and lot's of people passed by when we did that. And yeah, I suck. We just learned that dance at that exact moment and it's really a cool thing to do. It's so high-school. ;) 

Video is courtesy of Chelsea. Edited by Mei.


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