Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet November

She Just Needed A Month To Change His Life Forever.

Directed by: Pat O'Connor
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron
Released: 2001

I've watched this movie weeks and weeks ago. It has been in my line up of to-watch movies and I'm glad I had the time to finally do. It was released when I was still six and I just watched it this year which kinda made me outdated, right? However, no matter how old a movie is, I'm gonna give it a piece of my mind.

The story is about Nelson Moss (Reeves- who is so handsome but old enough to be my father *wink) who is nothing but a stereotype workaholic to thinks to much of himself and mutters a lot. He works on a advertising company, (which is an interesting prospect as I've seen in the film- in my opinion at least) and had just found time in his full timetable to take his DMV test where he meets Sara Deever (Theron). Weird but spontaneous Sara tried to get back at Moss for having her miss her exam, when she was accused of cheating when the cheater was really arrogant Moss. Due to their constant, somehow planned acquaintances, Nelson is in the verge to cracking up because of Sara's insistence of helping him by being her NOVEMBER- add up his recent breakup with his girlfriend and being fired at work because of his not-so-good advertisement of hotdogs. ;) because she claims that he needs her help. Sara is just plain crazy when she keep on insisting for Nelson to be his November. She explained that she'd helped her September and October as well. In the end, he gave in and became her November.

Sara indeed helped Nelson in many ways. He was able to ditch his old ways and learned to appreciate what life really is all about. They fell in love. Everything seems so perfect up until he asked her to marry him. (which is such an endearing scene), for what truly is Sara's reasons why she helps people every month?

Sweet November is a sweet story about love, life and sacrifice. It teaches us that Love is selfless. We always have to think about our other half. The film might have some problems such as poor acting (according to professional critiques), there were also discontinuity in the scenes and some cheesy lines but we have to dig deeper than that. I totally love this film. It's at times light, heavy, sweet, bitter, funny, serious, full of anger, full of LOVE. . . Just as our lives. c'est la vie!

FUN LINES from the film and AWW moments that I love! (Source: IMDb)

Nelson: (throws his cellphone in the sink full of water) Marry me!
(throws his watch)
Nelson: Marry me, Sara!

Sara: You know, he asked me to marry him.
Chaz: He's not the first. . .
Sara: No, but it was the first time I wanted to say "Yes".

Nelson: Why a month?
Sara: Because it's long enough to be meaningful, but short enough to stay out of trouble.

Sara: You're my immortality Nelson.

Nelson: November is all I know, and all I ever wanna know.

Nelson: You defy every law of nature I've ever known.

Nelson: This is it, life will never be better, or sweeter than this.

Chaz: Very impressive set of pecs you've got there Nelson. You work out then? Me, I haven't got time. Your pecs on the other hand, darling [Sara], are just edible.

Nelson: Have you ever heard of Phalaenopsis Sunderiana. It reminded me of you.
Sara: You got the job, didn't you?
Nelson Moss: Best offer anyone ever made me,
Sara: So when do you start?
Nelson: We had a little problem agreeing on that. He suggested immediately, I suggested... never.
Sara: Never?
Nelson: Never.

Nelson: Try to be wrong once in a while. I'd do my ego good.

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