Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Five Months

Five months ago. . .

Oh, well. Nerves! Please leave me! Hahaha. Having a pep talk to myself right now. Because tomorrow is the day! June 14, 2011 is the start of classes in my new home. UP Diliman. Though there won't be any classes yet (tomorrow all freshies are excused in class giving way to the Freshmen Welcome Assembly) still, tomorrow marks my first day ever in college! And it won't be just like any other college! Because it is the University of the Philippines: a respected name not only here in the country but worldwide as well! Wooh! Tough, isn't it? And it is (i guess so) the biggest university in the country too! I really need to get the hang of college! But the thing is, I still can't feel it. Take for example right now, I haven't done any preparation at all for tomorrow! Hayy :(( (See post.) class in Social Science II. The prof, i think. is cool. When he entered the room, the first thing he asked us was to write what is our idea about justice and God. Here's what i wrote:
JUSTICE - it is fairness in all things given that everyone has the same view of what is right and wrong.
GOD - is a Supreme Being
   I would have written more, it's just that the task was surprisingly given and we only had limited time where I've wasted half of it looking for a damn paper (kaya ngayon I have a quiz pad and yellow pad in my bag na! xD) Sir Robert (that's my prof's name) said that my idea about justice is 'interesting'. I thought at first that he found my answer kinda good because it's the first one he commented as 'interesting' but he keeps on saying the same word for the whole class. hahaha. So i guess, my answer is no big deal at all. :)
   My next class in English 1. My prof is pretty. Hahahaha. That was my first impression. But there seem to be some.... er-. i don't know how else to describe her. But I want to excel in her subject really. English is one of my strengths and I want to prove myself. I got so excited when we're told that the class would be full of writing, reading and speaking. In short, the things (I can say) I'm good at. I just hope it would really turn out ok.
   Next subject is Math 17. Ok, I think this class is gonna be oh-so-cool! :)) IDK why, I just felt it. Our prof is funny (I guess) and i think he's also considerate. (kasi nung uwian may naka- usap akong sophomore na schoolmate ko nung high school, and he informed me na generous nga daw si prof! yay!) So, math is great so far.. hahaha. It all goes down if ever I perform well and if high school lessons have stuck. :))
   Our last subject was Geography1. Out professor is kinda old compared to my other professors. hahaha. But he tends to joke. And had provided us with lots of requirements already :)) We also had our first discussion na. hahaah. All about geog. It's cool I think. learning stuff about the surface of the earth. I just hope this class turns out ok in the future :))
   So far.. college had been challenging. Its still hard for me to adapt to my new experiences and I'm still nervous about anything! (See post.)

Five months later. . .

Looking back at those posts made me ask myself: "Did I really blog about that?" But it's actually nice that I've recorded my first impressions of my first subjects in college (although Chemistry is not included) and of what I really felt about those and college in general. Five months from those posts, I can proudly say that I'm far from being nervous again. Somehow, perhaps I will, because there will always be new faces each semester but I've gained a distinct increase in confidence.  .

Now, five month later, I have, once again endure the first day nervousness which is definitely less than what I have experienced before. Perhaps the reason is the presence of my college friends. I confidently entered my classroom awhile ago. And I can yawn all I want. I even doze for a few minutes during one of my class which I guess wouldn't be worth mentioning which class. However, the tasks mounted. I am now facing my first quiz this semester tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow, which is just the second day. Pages and pages of reading are waiting for me as well as I finish this blog entry. I need to wake up at 4am everyday to attend my first class on time. Though I haven't met my other professors, I can tell that this sem's profs have proven themselves more intimidating. Well maybe that would change overtime, slightly. ;)

I once ask for my college experience to be nice. . . But right now, I BEG myself to act responsibly. The following five months would surely need a great effort for endurance.


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