Thursday, June 30, 2011

#NowPlaying: 'Collide'

Collide by Howie Day :)) Cool Song. Just wanna post it here. Discovered this in the movie 'The Perfect Man' starring Hillary Duff. Really cool :)

Favorite lyrics from the song:

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
Eu and I collide
Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to ryhme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
Eu and I Collide

'Brave New World'

Ok. I was really supposed to post totally another topic but I can't get the words out. I suddenly remembered this old movie that I have recently almost watched during our Social Science class and thought that it would be a good thing to review this first to get thoughts out.

Brave New World is a TV Film adaptation (abridged version) of the novel of the same title by Alduos Huxley. It waas released on April 19, 1998 by Universal Pictures and was directed by Larry Williams and Leslie Libman.

Our class were supposed to watch this film last week but due to the suspension of classes, we did it last Tuesday. With only an overhead projector and some PC speakers we watched more than a half of the film. However, it was enough for us to get the concepts that relates with our lesson.

I wasn't able to catch every word being spoken in the film because in was quite inaudible because of the speaker. But I was able to grasp the concept of it. The film started with an explanation on how life start (I think so, from what I saw in the screen and a few catches of words). Then it introduces us to a some sort of facility or place (or whatever should we call that thing) where children (at a very young age) were taught hard cold facts about science especially sex. (its so easy for those kids to say this Sword. But even though taught they weren't allowed to engaged themselves in such, even adults. They reproduce in a seemingly different way. In their civilization polygamy is a must. Everybody were taught that all should be happy. Babies weren't conceived in the womb of the mother but were rather taken care of in vitro (meaning outside the womb, in some sort of small chambers where they develop).

We were then introduced to a female character named Lenina (I looked that up 'cause I wasn't able to catch her name while watching it) whose role is to teach the children from textbooks and to monitor them in their sleep. (I think there's some kind of manipulation with the children while their sleeping. They're all brainwashed by ideas of happiness and the unorthodox.) This Lenina had some sort of attraction going between one of the heads of the Dep't of Hatcheries and Conditioning named Marx (I looked this up too. Maybe the department mainly focuses on the birth of the children from their chambers- explaining the 'hatcheries' and their education- 'conditioning') which gave them some unwanted attention because in principle they weren't supposed to do that. Polygamy, remember?

So, I don't know why but suddenly they were in an helicopter going out of that [horrible] civilization to what I would call an uncivilized world full of chaos and disorder. I don't know if they really intended to go there because the aircraft crashed and they were bullied by a bunch of uncivilized people. With the aid of a man name John (this is the only name I have not a hard time catching) they were led to safety. Then they invited this John back to their own civilized world where John agrees but they took his mother with him. And so it happens John saw the state of the people from the other side (sorry about my words hahaha.). I dont know if he was amazed or what but I know that he misses his Shakespeare and other wonderful things from his world. He taught one of Lenina's class about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and told the children about the concept of LOVE. The kids simply didn't get it. Of how two people would need to love each other before doing 'the deed' and they know not the goodness of marriage. If I were John, I would really be annoyed and lose my patience but he keeps on explaining. He also had noticed this attraction going on between Lenina and Marx. But Marx wont admit it because things like that (attraction, love) does not exist and wont be taken into consideration. Things got confusing for me a bit because Lenina had this sort of attraction for John too. But John reasons that Marx is in love with her so they can't.

We watched until that part only. But there's this part where the low-class people from the Brave New World (the civilization's name) were also shown. How they were easily manipulated under the hands of the upper ones. I didn't get that part. And since we weren't able to finish the movie, I don't know how it ended. But through the course of my reading I've learned that John was the son of the Head of the Dept of Hatcheries and Conditioning which was exposed and was taken very bad because John was conceived through intercourse. John was promoted in a position and it so happened that Lenina and Marx built their own family finding joy in loving. :)

Whew, I hope things weren't confusing a this is being read. I remembered while watching this, I must have dozed off for a couple or more times. It was boring for me since the audio was bad. The film has also some attempts for humor which didn't work for me. And they also had lots of 'the scenes' which for me is lame. But, i'm gonna give it a chance. The idea of the story is really cool (the author should be credited for that) and its my own mind and physical processes that hinder me from enjoying the movie.

Tomorrow, things about Plato will be discussed in our class and I hope I'm up for a good discussion the we had before (we were like using the Socratic Method last, last, meeting which is so cool).

kudos for me. :)) and thumb-up for the 'Brave New World'!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy, Busy

Quick post! Since I haven't posted for a while. I have lots in my mind that I want to share in here really. But my life right now is really busy. Take tomorrow, LONG quiz in Chemistry16 and Laboratory Work. Another nosebleeding quiz in Math17! Jeez, Math is making my life hard. I have lots to review however, I still find this urge within me to do a bit of recreational reading! Yeah, yeah, I know. I should NOT do that. I'll try not to! Promise. I wanted to share that I'm really starting to like my block G9A!!! Cool friends (with a few exceptions) and lots of laughs and teases already! We had lots of pictures too but those weren't uploaded yet. So soon you'll get to see them too! Because of that, I'm looking forward to spend the following days with them. :)) So, ergo. Gotta review. Long day tomorrow. Long week. So I need long patience! :))

Wish me luck! :))

Friday, June 24, 2011

Edward's 110th :]] and Jericho's 6th :]] ♥

JUNE 20 ,2011---- a very special day for two of the very special guys in my teenage life. :))

Yeah, I know, its little late for posting a Happy Birthday thing for the both of them,, but still!!!

First, my dheErs, EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN's 110th!
yep, He's way too old. Ha! But he's vamp. And that makes him mine. I've been celebrating his birthday for three years now. And he's one of the fictional character who I wish isn't fictional. :)) A lot of teens have same feelings and we just can't help it. :P

"I'm the world's most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that. As if you could outrun me. As if you could fight me off. I'm designed to kill." - Edward Cullen 

Writing about this makes me want to watch Twilight all over again :))

I like this video dedicated for his birthday :)) Watch and be dazzled. :))

Second, is the cutest and most adorable kid I've known!

Jericho and Eu. We both love Karate!

Jericho is my friend's younger brother whom I adore so much! Hahahaha. I remembered him kissing me during my birthday and I badly want to kiss him on his. :)) 

No Place Like Home

Detailed Review from TheBookReporter:

Celia Nolan and her "four-year-old son, Jack [thought they were going] to see a horse show in Peapack, an upscale town in northern New Jersey, when suddenly Alex [Nolan, her husband of six months] detoured to Mendham, a neighboring town. It was only then that he told [her] he had a wonderful surprise for [her thirty-fourth] birthday and drove down the road." He parked in front of a house he said was hers as he handed her the deed. "I cannot believe I am standing in the exact spot where I was standing when I killed my mother."

Thus begins chapter one of NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Mary Higgins Clark. Needless to say, Celia is speechless and hopes she is having a nightmare, rather than living one. When Alex takes Jack to explore the house, Celia is left with Mr. Paley, who is filling in for his boss, Georgette Grove, the realtor who sold the house to Alex. He is telling the shocked new homeowner about how Alex got to the house and "apparently fell in love with it immediately. The house is quite simply an architectural treasure, and it's situated on ten acres in the premier location in a premier town."

Celia is still struck dumb as she thinks: "I know it is a treasure. My father was the architect who restored a crumbling eighteenth-century mansion, turning it into this charming and spacious home." She feels as though she is free falling in time back to the night her mother died.

"Ted pinning Mother against the wall …
"Mother sobbing …
"I am pointing the gun at him. Daddy's gun …
"Let go of my mother …
"Sure …
"Ted spinning Mother around and shoving her at me …
"Mother's terrified eyes looking at me …
"The gun going off …
"Lizzie Borden had an axe …"

Her name had been Liza Barton but she quickly became "Liza Borden" and the house earned the appellation "LITTLE LIZZIE'S PLACE. BEWARE!"

Although the tragedy happened twenty-five years ago, and Celia was acquitted, she was an orphan, a ward of the state who spent time in a juvenile shelter. "Martin and Kathleen Kellogg of Santa Barbara, California, were the distant cousins who adopted [her]. At the time of [her] Mother's death, they had been living in Saudi Arabia where he was with an engineering firm. They did not learn anything about what had happened until the company relocated them back to Santa Barbara. Childless themselves, they learned of what had happened, then, quietly and without a hint of publicity, came to Morris County and petitioned to adopt [her]. They were genuinely compassionate. Liza went with them willingly." They changed her name to Celia Kellogg, and for seven years she lived as normal a life as she could under the protection of her adoptive parents.

She came east to attend college and opened a design studio in Manhattan after graduation. She was very successful in her work and very much in love with her first husband with whom she had Jack. Celia had made a promise to him on his deathbed --- not to tell a soul about her background. Thus, Alex Nolan, her new spouse, has no idea about what returning to "the scene of the crime" is going to do to his wife, their son, their marriage, and the community. As the body count starts to rise and long-buried secrets emerge from the darkness of the past, Celia is not only the prime suspect in the killings but she and her son become targets of the killer as well.

In her Acknowledgements Clark tells her readers, "Last year, my friend … who is a real estate agent, asked me if I knew about a New Jersey law that states that a real estate agent must inform a prospective buyer if the home he or she is considering carries a stigma that might cause psychological damage to the purchaser. Maybe there's a book in it for you," suggested the woman. That law was the genesis of this current novel.

Mary Higgins Clark is known for her tightly woven narratives, interesting characters, and the intricate twists in the storyline. But unfortunately, even with its great premise, NO PLACE LIKE HOME falls far short of her usually fast-paced, challenging novels. Once readers understand the introduction to the plot they don't have to use too many "little gray cells" to guess how events will unfold. Submerged in banality and predictability, the plot is tedious and holds none of the suspense Clark has built her reputation upon. Readers can only hope that Clark has another book in the offing that will, like so many of her other novels, be a page-turner.

   --- Reviewed by Barbara Lipkien Gershenbaum

EU says:
This book by Mary Higgins Clark had been in my shelf for a long time. Bought it second hand at BooksForLess for only Php.10.00 in one of their sales which is a great bargain. But sadly, I have to disagree with the review above (I just put it anyway mainly for you to know the storyline). It is a page turner. Its worth every peso and probably more. With all its suspense and mystery of who is really behind the murders and taunts to poor Celia Nolan, I admit I was really into the story. As always, like any other Clark books, the ending is a surprise and unexpected. She really made us fell into treachery like her characters did. However, I found one similarity of this book to her other one: Before I Say Goodbye. It is the concept of trusting the wrong person, the ones that the protagonist shouldn't trust at all in the first place. But all the same, I'm glad about the book besides, I think its alright because it came from the same author. I remember scolding my family for interrupting me while reading because I was in the most exciting part already. Yeah, it's as engrossing as that, in the end anyway. :)) Three stars for 'No Place Like Home'. 

Pasig Stake Back To School Party!

Another batch of pictures tagged to me in my Facebook account (around the same time as the Temple Trip), this time its from the Back to School Party last June 11, 2010. Its just like any other party held in our stake. And just like the previous Back to School Party last year, different wards were allowed to showcase their talents. For our ward, Aira sang an OPM accompanied with a guitar played by Kaizer. However, this party, I think, is the lamest ever! Hahahaha. I got bored by the first 20 minutes. We had dinner first and some started performing. And about dancing...ok, I admit I hadn't danced that night. I was just sitting in the corner, along with my leaders, texting Mary who was not present in the activity mainly because she hates parties.Back to the dancing, they had this sort of dancing partners which I think was a fail. Everyone was given a scripture verse and they had to find their partner by dancing with everybody. Well, I first thought that it was such a good idea but the youth are stubborn so it failed. The only thing that kept the party from turning into a bad experience was the performances by the end of the night.  The dancing were all cool but too bad my sister and I have to leave early so we weren't able to watch the last dance number which included my Tita Tess.

So, below were the pictures from that night. Yeah, I know I dressed up, its better than being a loser. :)) Check out my earrings, they're from my sis. Cool, eh? Those were my longest danglings. :))

The Event

Aira and Kaizer's performance. Too bad I forgot the song.

Some of our ward's youth with a couple of kids.

With the leaders. Pretty, pretty :))

Another picture.

On a Rainy Friday :]]

From Chancellor Saloma: Classes are suspended in UP Diliman today Friday 24 June 2011 due to expected heavy rains in Metro Manila. Please disseminate advisory.
And that means WHAT?!?!

Great relief for most of the students (especially EU!). I was not really hoping for classes to be suspended today. I actually woke up earlier than usual in preparation for school today (because I was ALMOST late yesterday for my Chem class). There are interesting stuffs that were supposed to happen today: the film viewing in our Social Science class (I'm liking this subject more and more every other day) about Plato: complete with popcorn and drinks! And of course the non-stop fun in my Geography class ( I was thinking of posting about this one. It'll give you a laugh.). But anyway, I'm really glad classes are suspended because I need to update this blog! I've been very much behind in posting since school is on. So, I'll be posting a lot today :)

Bear with me on this Rainy Friday! :]]

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Weekend Full Of Sweets

A very quick post! I want to read something kase and I have a very limited time right now. Besides, I have another post after this! i just wanna share the feeling of happiness that weekend already came after a very busy first week in The University of the Philippines! Lots of stuff already happened in that first week. We already had our first ever quiz (yeah.. I know. And that's only in our 3rd meeting in Math 17) and we had some sort of presentation in front of the class. Other professor were boring though..but I guess I'll get used to that soon! Every day in school is very tiring because I practically have to walk for a few kilometers everyday to get to my destination inside the campus. And Im glad to finally be able to put up my feet for rest and even sleep for long hours! Hahaha. I even started reading a new novel by Mary Higgin's Clark (I might make a review of that sometime. The story is getting good at the moment.) And just a few hours ago, I came home from a church activity. The youth were supposed to do some stuffs but only a couple of us attended. So, what I did was to watch the Relief Society of our ward make chocolates on sticks and polvoron for tomorrow's occasion. I helped a little by eating some of it! Hahaha :)) Anyway, the weekend had been great so far! And it would be extending until Monday (it's a holiday- in honor of Rizal's 150th birthday) which is kinda cool! And tomorrow's father's day so...

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers out there especially to my dad :))

Good night everyone. Enjoy the weekends like I'm enjoying it! :))

Edited : I decided i was tired so i post the next batch of pictures next time :)) 

Temple Trip

Howdy! Oh, well, pictures were again tagged to me in facebook and it was from the temple trip last May. That was the first temple trip we've had for months because the youth had been busy with the Jubilee for the past few months. And it had been really inspiring. Our ward was joined by the Taguig ward (from our fellow stake). At the start of the activity, the Temple president was the one who addressed us. He was really funny and he lessen the tension between all of us as well as the nervousness of the first timers. The Temple President was my friend's grandfather (rigel's granddad : Pres. Revillo) and he told me that his grandpa was really funny in nature. Altogether, the temple trip had been a success and below were the pictures:

The Manila Philippines Temple at the night of May31, 2011

The Pasig 3rd youth with our leaders.

All the participants that night.

Wacky daw. haha :))
I'm really looking forward to another temple trip soon. I remember being interviewed for this by the 2nd councilor in our ward bishopric, Bro. Farrales. It was an inspiring interview and I'm so glad i'm worthy to perform ordinances for others. And also, this activity had brought the youth of our ward closer. =)) yeah, yeah..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary Induction

On well, pictures were tagged to me in facebook from last Friday. That would be June 10. My family went to the PCGA headquarters in Manila to witness my father's induction into the PCGA. He had been a part of the LDS Seagull Rescue (the rescue organization in our church) and they had this event for them to officially served in the PCGA. Thus, serving the whole nation. The purpose is really cool. And I know this means a lot for my father. Pictures are below. Most of them were taken by my sister. :))

The Event

The donning of their shoulder boards.

Right after the donning. My dad with fellow inductees.

Oath taking.

All the inductees with the officials of PCGA.

The family. :))
Anyway, my father was inducted as Lieutenant Senior Grade Saldivar of the PCGA. :))

Money Matters

Howdy? Third day of classes in school and amazingly, life in the University had been consistent. It was VERY tiring. Oh well, who, in this whole wide world, wouldn't get tired if you walk a few kilometers to get to your next class?!?!?! =)) But I know it was all worth the quality education I am getting.

However, one (supposedly, but unfortunately I haven't) anticipated thing in entering college life is all the expenses you'll gonna be spending. Yep, I didn't anticipated this. I thought expenses in college ends during tuition payment. In most of our classes, we had a lot of required stuffs to buy (like books, maps- take note, very large maps!, laboratory manuals and equipment, photocopy here..photocopy there and a lot more!) which had me giving my budget to hell. I just hope that all of this expenses thingy would.. uhm... lasts during this first few weeks of the semester only. WAH! I can't live with an empty pocket.

We had this professor (he made us bought lots of things during this first week) that related the Bok's Law to us (the name's kinda funny, i know but hey, I checked it out,,, its for real)

The BOK'S LAW states that: "If you think EDUCATION is expensive, try IGNORANCE."

hahaha. I have no idea if he just used that for us not to complain or its just that this law is his principle in life :)) But, this idea is true. (Of course it is! Duh! Its a law!) 'Cause, the loss is greater is we did try ignorance.

Quick Stuffs! --i'm looking forward for tomorrow's Social Science.. I think it's really gonna be great. I just have to read like.. twenty pages to get meself ready :))

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Are The HARRY POTTERs Of The Muggle World

Alrighty! Today is my first (official) ever day in College! As in we had classes for real! :)) I wasn't at all excited at first. Given the gloomy previous night that I had. But even before we go over this day, I wanna share how my first day went (that's yesterday):

Yesterday, all freshies attended the Freshmen Welcome Assembly at the University Theater. It had been very fun. Inside the theater, I was seated next to Jelou (a new acquired friend) and Derik (my high school classmate). The performances had been really great as well as the speeches, though they're kinda repetitive. The speech, however, that really stuck was by a fellow freshman. In her speech, she related us on how being accepted here in the University is the greatest privilege. And in the earlier part of her speech she said that:


Amazing, eh? hahahahaha :)) and the UP repertory had this presentation wherein they portrayed the argument between Ron and Hermione about the Levitating Charm's 'Wingardium Leviosa!' Hahahaha! Napakacool talaga :)) Right after the FWA. Our block handlers provided us with some bonding with our fellow blockmates. I saw there my other classmates (including Lawrence-- my fellow LDS). We had some bonding and som question and answer portion we had gained alot of info about UP. So that's pretty much the first day. :))

This day naman, it started out with my class in Social Science II. The prof, i think. is cool. When he entered the room, the first thing he asked us was to write what is our idea about justice and God. Here's what i wrote:

JUSTICE - it is fairness in all things given that everyone has the same view of what is right and wrong.
GOD - is a Supreme Being

I would have written more, it's just that the task was surprisingly given and we only had limited time where I've wasted half of it looking for a damn paper (kaya ngayon I have a quiz pad and yellow pad in my bag na! xD) Sir Robert (that's my prof's name) said that my idea about justice is 'interesting'. I thought at first that he found my answer kinda good because it's the first one he commented as 'interesting' but he keeps on saying the same word for the whole class. hahaha. So i guess, my answer is no big deal at all. :) 

My next class in English 1. My prof is pretty. Hahahaha. That was my first impression. But there seem to be some.... er-. i don't know how else to describe her. But I want to excel in her subject really. English is one of my strengths and I want to prove myself. I got so excited when we're told that the class would be full of writing, reading and speaking. In short, the things (I can say) I'm good at. I just hope it would really turn out ok.

Next subject is Math 17. Ok, I think this class is gonna be oh-so-cool! :)) IDK why, I just felt it. Our prof is funny (I guess) and i think he's also considerate. (kasi nung uwian may naka- usap akong sophomore na schoolmate ko nung high school, and he informed me na generous nga daw si prof! yay!) So, math is great so far.. hahaha. It all goes down if ever I perform well and if high school lessons have stuck. :))

Our last subject was Geography1. Out professor is kinda old compared to my other professors. hahaha. But he tends to joke. And had provided us with lots of requirements already :)) We also had our first discussion na. hahaah. All about geog. It's cool I think. learning stuff about the surface of the earth. I just hope this class turns out ok in the future :))

So far.. college had been challenging. Its still hard for me to adapt to my new experiences and I'm still nervous about anything! But I know I can do this. Cause I am a Harry Potter in this Muggle World. (not particularly harry. he's a guy. DUH! i would to be Ginny though. hahaha)

Tomorrow's the third day! And I've got loads of reading to do. :)) 
Good luck to me.. :))

Monday, June 13, 2011

COLLEGE, Please Be Nice! :))

Oh, well. Nerves! Please leave me! Hahaha. Having a pep talk to myself right now. Because tomorrow is the day! June 14, 2011 is the start of classes in my new home. UP Diliman. Though there won't be any classes yet (tomorrow all freshies are excused in class giving way to the Freshmen Welcome Assembly) still, tomorrow marks my first day ever in college! And it won't be just like any other college! Because it is the University of the Philippines: a respected name not only here in the country but worldwide as well! Wooh! Tough, isn't it? And it is (i guess so) the biggest university in the country too! I really need to get the hang of college! But the thing is, I still can't feel it. Take for example right now, I haven't done any preparation at all for tomorrow! Hayy :((

Hahahaha. Though i've familiarized myself with some of the landmarks in the university, it doesn't help stop the nerves! hahaha :)) I just hope that College would be nice and fun and full of learning of course! Given na maraming threats na binigay sa amin last Saturday during the Freshie Tour! haha :)) and speaking of the freshie tour! That one was really fun! Though at first I don't feel like going at all, but it was a good thing that i did! :))We also did some sort of WAVE during the tour. Below's the video.

Here are the pictures from the tour! Amazingly, i have made some friends!! hahaha :)) 

Right after the tour! We had some rest and talk about UP and Engg.

The EEE group at the Library II!

EEE group right in front of Vinzon's Hall. I'm up front!

Picture before the tour began with all the participants!

SO far, I had fun in the University. Even met some potential friends who are my blockmates as well! And just a few moments ago, I saw the list of my blockmates and started adding them in FB. What is so amazing is that I saw a blockmate who is an LDS as well!! Cool talaga! :)) That makes me both excited and nervous for tomorrow. :))

So, may God bless me as I start a new chapter in my life tomorrow. :))

And.... College!! PLEASE BE NICE!! :))

JUNE 10 --- what a day!

June 10 had been a very tiring day! A day full of surprises. i may say. 
I wasn't expecting anything special that day at all.

However.. this is just a quick post though i know this is very late! Like 3 days late!

JUNE 10 was SHANNON BRUCE SNAITH's birthday!!!! 

Hooray! Giddyup! :))
He's one of my DHEERS of course :)) With his screen name being SHANE WEST, he turned 33 last Friday. Amazing thing about this amazing guy is that he gave life to one of the best fictitious character that I love very much! ---Landon Carter (from Nicholas Sparks's A Walk to Remember) alongside Mandy Moore! I totally fell for him in that movie! Ha! He also starred in the film Echelon Conspiracy and also another favorite of mine, Get Over It, alongside Kirsten Dunst. (He danced and sang in that film!! Even played the piano! Pretty awesome, eh?) Check him out peepz.. but He's mine :))

Happy birthday!! Yeah, yeah!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chasing Perfection

Perfection. An unattainable goal for all of humanity. And yet, something the human race will always strive towards. Even if it means sacrificing the freedom of its perfect inhabitants.
Rated: R (not for children under the age of 17)
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance

My first ever book review here! I don't think if 'Chasing Perfection' would count as a book since I just read it at Miss Literati (a site for aspiring authors). As you can see, the book is rated R! Which would not encourage me to read this. However, I don't mind it really. The adult content in the book isn't that gross (yeah! I could tell you that they're really gross!) compared with the other adult content that most fictions have nowadays. And I admire the author's initiation to warn the readers of what they're about to read. Its so unlike the other books where you thought it would be all harmless yet the contents are way, way mature! Hope you get my point. :]]

'Chasing Perfection' is a 75-chapter story written by Vulpes (that's her username at misslit but i guess her real name is Leah Alvord.. it says so in the copyright). The protagonist is name Miranda Kirkpatrick. And if there would be one word to describe her, its no other than PERFECT. She's literally perfect.. in looks, brains, body build, etc, all of her perfection courtesy of her all too perfect parents. Then on her eighteenth birthday, she was unwillingly taken to a facility breeding perfect people.There she met true love Caden Masters (yep, he's hot and perfect too!) and other perfect people who soon become her friends. But her life soon stopped being perfect as she went in that facility. Their sole purpose in there is to give birth to another perfect child which the facility will rear for them to become some sort of hybrid generation in preparation to a nuclear war that will soon happen. Alongside her friends and with the aid of her quick wit and amazing skills they will do everything to gain their freedom from that horrible place.

'Chasing Perfection' started of really good. I was really into Mira's life and being a teen I, of course, got excited over Caden! And i really found the whole concept of the book amazing. Of it being scientific as well as romantic. (but romance overrides this one) But as the story progresses, i seemed to lose a bit of excitement over it. Especially when they start to hang out with their other friends on the facility. And I don't understand Miranda at times. She has a rude mouth. (hehe). Caden of course, i do. And i do understand they're need to escape. There is just too little details on they're escape. Though the author attempted to bring some excitement and suspense in the end but those are easily resolved. Hahaha. i don't know if i'm making any sense here at all. But altogether, it was a cool book. And way better than some of the books being published at this generation. I suggest that this should get published and i know many would surely like it. And i could be a good movie as well. (they just have to define some scenes ) 

Thumbs- up for 'Chasing Perfection'! And btw, perfect title too!

Read it here! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just for fun, a few days before my birthday, i made a wishlist for myself. I don't go tell people about it but i want to have them being of my own efforts even if not exactly on my birthday but when i am sixteen. well, college is just a few days away (classes start next week, tuesday! WISH ME LUCK!) so most of the wishes regards college stuffs that i want! LOL. This is me at sixteen! So.. here goes.


  • a dreamcatcher -- (i probably had mentioned that i gave jam a dreamcatcher for her birthday.. but i gave her an improvised one.. i want something real!!) - FINALLY GOT IT!
  • protective sunglasses -- (sun protection or course and my eyes really hurt from the bright sun)
  • a rucksack--- (just like what Harry has in the HP7 movie. A good fashion statement too)
  • comfortable flats -- (walking was never an option in my university)
  • wrist watch -- (so i won't be late for classes)
  • sneakers -- (if i feel like changing my shoes. LOL) - IT'S BROWN. NOT YOUR USUAL SNEAKERS BUT IT WILL SUFFICE
  • set of hankies -- (the use is obvious peeps)
  • white tees --- (they're comfy and i look good on white)
  • shorts --- (pants are killers in the heat) - BLACK WITH AN AMAZING BELT. PLUS, I CAN WEAR IT TWO WAYS!
  • a good book --- (hahaha.. this thing never went out of my list.)
  • hat box --- (for my personal stuffs like letter from HS and treasured items)
  • a cool pen -- (for writing!)
  • harry potter planner --- (my ate gave me this! i was quite surprised but why argue?!!?)
  • new jeans--- (so i won't keep on alternating. haha LOL)
  • cactus plant --- (i want to be a keeper of something that isn't hard to keep)
  • UP shirts and other items ---( my brother gave me a shirt! even if he's in mission. I loved it even if it's a hand-me-down!)
  • personalized mug -- (don't ask me.. i want it! )

So, that's it pretty much! Simple things yet if i get my hands on all of them i would be so happy, i could die~ Just kidding :)) 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How My Sixteenth Birthday Went :)

JUNE 2, 2011 was already planned out.

with my family in our recent financial crisis (with my tuition for college and debts and allowance for my brother in the mission field) i'm not really expecting that much on my birthday this year.
usually, birthdays for me goes just like any other summer day... then our family would usually go to the movies in the evening.. i don't remember having any birthday parties at all (though my mom says i used to have when i was like 1-3 yrs old :)) the last one i think was my 8th birthday because of course its the day of my baptism (more of that in my other blogs.. :))

midnight of june 2, i received greetings from my BFF jam, (whose birthday is next day --- june 3., amazing ,eh?) i was awake until 2am that morning because i am making my birthday gift for jam--- a dreamcatcher!

early morning at like 9am... i hang out at jam's place with our DUD rigel :)) we watched 'a walk to remember'..( i guess you know that movie right?) because that movie paved the way for jam and i to get close..right after at jam's place we went to mary's place.. she's my close friend from grade school who spent the last six years in the province. the funny thing was... she had no idea that that day was my birthday and i was really laughing at her.. i know most people usually got hurt by that.. but i'm not 'most people'!! (yeah, yeah.. xD) but she did remembered it and keep on apologizing :))

so we talked and talked.. and then the biggest surprise of the day was when JERICHO (rigel's youngest brother which is so cute... and love na love ko :]) came at mary's house.. though he acts the usual of being mean to me.. he greeted me a happy birthday plus a *SMOOCH!! hahaha even for a lame reason.. still.. that was the best part of the day :) we then watch some spongebob movies (jericho loves them.. so i have to!!) then lion king 3.. which i found interesting given na i forgot what lion king is all about. haha then we watched Alien in the Attic which is so funny and really cool.. it was so funny.. we can't stop laughing :)) and i still could laugh even remembering it...  so then right after at mary's i spent the rest of the night at home which was pretty uneventful but understandable!!!

really, this birthday was a blast and i'm glad to have spent it with people that i love the most.. and for the things i've got specially the *SMOOCH