Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh how time flies!

For months I wasn't able to write,
Like before, when I do, every night.
I've been busy, I've been naughty,
But now I'm getting haughty,
So please bear with me, in this crappy ol' bloggie!


Sparks had long been gone,
Back at his hometown.
THE BEST OF ME had been awesome,
Left me tears, and thinking for a long time
How life seems so unfair,
Yet still works in a mysterious way.
The sadness that gripped me passed,
To give way to a joy that lasts,

THE BREAKING PART 1 was a blast,
It made me cry, it made me laughed,
With Made by my side all comfy,
And when Edward laughed -all giggly.
The best movie in the installment- I say,
With an ending that left me wanting to stay.
Soon we were to leave the place,
With paired 'ballers' bound to us by grace,
That's when I realized how much I love,
A planned and silly girl's night out.


So many books I've read,
All of which begs to be reviewed,
But school and laziness forbid yours truly,
So I'll settle with this poem that's crappy.

The OVERNIGHT SOCIALITE was a short read,
Urges everyone to go after your dream,
Because one can never foretell,
Love is to be found but is at times could be hell.

The anticipation over HUNGER GAMES is crazy,
With its movie coming, all my friends are ready,
To march to the mall and watch as Katniss
With Gale and Peeta's heart, play so fiercely
The CATCHING FIRE - its second book,
I'm so annoyed I have to stop and look
For another book and what I've found,
A book so ugly, otherwise called DUFFy
But it left all giggly and banish all the ugly!
So I read on to another EPIC FAIL,
That by all means won my attention.
Taken after an Austen novel,
This is a story so cool to unravel.

With witches and wizards, I'm always in awe,
So with HEX HALL i'm on a roll,
The sarcasm and description I adore,
So DEMON GLASS, I immediately devour.

Once I was in FullyBooked,
Without money so all I do is look,
This book called NUM8ERS I saw,
Had me singing like Tim McGraw
(I do not know how I came up with that,
But Tim McGraw's better than any scarecrow.)

One time during Halloween,
At friend's house this movie I've seen,
3 IDIOTS it was called,
But slowly its cleverness unfold.
My mind was racing, my heart is thumping,
It had me asking, "Was is really worth trying?"


Soon holidays were approaching,
And exams were also numbering,
Amazingly, I've got through all of them,
With score that looks like i'm all zen.

So to cheer ourselves we paraded,
With supposed lanterns that never existed,
We left early and got lucky,
To be absent when fireworks,
Instead of shooting up the sky,
Cast multiple injuries.

Christmas in its usual affair,
With my brother calling from afar,
From his noble mission we talked,
In his new accent, we teased.

New Year had been life changing,
With resolutions broken after a few chitchatting,
With families reuniting,
With old friends midnight-chatting.

School's back, I want it out.
All the work's tiring me out.
But surprise, surprise, someone's visiting, -----(DAVID ARCHULETA)
When I heard I was amazed,
But not so soon I was pissed,
'Cause the sacrament that's supposed to be holy,
With people from other ward so noisy,
Turned out to be so ..... unholy?
Not once we had a sacrament so chaotic as that,
With girls with cameras gawking in the windows. . .
But all of it had been a laugh,
And all of them deciding hiring a security staff,
If ever, tomorrow, we'll again see his baby face. (HAHAHA. STUPID RHYMES.)

But for now i have to say goodbye,
For I'm running out of rhymes,
And I have to focus on bitwise,
Or else I'll never rise!!!

Books on this crappy poem:
 -Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark
 -The Best of Me by NIcholas Sparks
 -The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
- Hex Hall & Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins
 -DUFF by Kody Keplinger
 -Epic Fail by Claire Lazebnik
 -Numbers by Rachel Ward

I apologize for the grammar and the rhymes and the words used. . . I'm sorry for all of this in general. . . ;|
But all the same, I'm back and I'll be writing again soon! 

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