Friday, March 30, 2012

AHBL 2.0

YES. All hell is breaking loose once more.

Tomorrow at exactly 9:15 I will be having a final exam for Physics 71 and right now 11 hours before the said exam, all I know is that Force is equal to mass x acceleration.

Earlier tonight, I have received this email from my Math53 prof that my grade in her subject is 4.0 which means I'm in grave danger of failing it. I have to take another exam and I have to get a score of 60% in it to pass the course. And how on earth will I get that score!? When my finals exam score was so low! :(

So, yeah, there. I'm so down about this Math 53 thing that I can't start with my Physics.

And Physics is entirely another problem because this is how I feel about this upcoming exam:

Yes, I know, who am I to be so down about this thing when I was the one comforting a friend a few days ago about the same thing? So, since I've let it all out. I'm signing off to review...

Sana lang hindi ako maging sabaw bukas!

May all the massXacceleration be with me. xx

**Images belong to their rightful owners.xx

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eunice San Miguel

Waking up yesterday morning, I was so irritated because I was so groggy and my mom was shaking me so hard demanding something that I should do. I brushed her off and then suddenly she's gone. Slowly, light dawns on me that I've behaved really bad so I slowly wake up and went out the room Ate and I shared. They're all gathered outside comforting my cousin who will be graduating the next day (which was earlier this day) because she's crying so hard. Her ever responsible parents (yes, the tone's sarcastic!) wouldn't be able to go to school with her to get her toga. For it needs to be an older relative to get it from the school. 

Assessing the situation, I feel so sad about my cousin that I immediately said I'll go with her - which was the same thing my mom was waking me up for. So immediately I bathed and dressed all for my cousin.

However, upon arriving at my Alma Mater, I was so overwhelmed so entirely another reason. There was Mr. Alex, my 6th grade math teacher and my mentor during contests. He was hosting some sort of reminder for the parents of graduating students and cracking up jokes to them regarding the graduation guidelines. I remember how our Math class used to be. It was so much fun because of him and everything seems so funny. But now, at sixteen (exactly 5 years when I graduated grade school) I find his jokes so corny (haha) and I was thinking the kind of person I was back then. 

Class picture with the beautiful Ms. Rome

Then there's Miss Rome, my grade school adviser. She's still a beauty and I terribly miss her. I remember when she made me some sort of a leader in class because the ADT peeps were role-playing and I was the teacher and she finds my acting so real that she made it real inside the classroom! Haha. And I remembered her patching things up between her quarreling students. . I remember her advises, her loud voice, the way she calls my name which is a very hard "EUNICE"... , and how she used to be my 'mom' in the ABnormal family! And so many great things about my sixth year in elementary.

Then there's Ms. Palencia, our History teacher who's always angry at our section because we're always maximizing our break times. The're Mr. Del Rosario, the MSEP teacher.... (my 'dad') he's still the same. Then I saw Ms. Custodio, and other familiar faces.

Reminiscing all of this, I was so overwhelmed with this urged to approach them, which is of course the proper thing to do. But I was in doubt. Do they even remember me? It's been five long years. Perhaps, my face will be familiar. But my name? The memories?

Everything around me that exact moment reminds me of them. The rows of sixth graders in their improvised toga hats and sitting on plastic stools. The buildings, Sir Alex's voice booming around the place, teachers walking around, the familiar faces of janitors, the plants. Everything in there. And it amazes me to find out that the 'Ale Denni T' sign was still there where we used to hang out. 

So swallowing up my shyness, I approached Ms. Rome sitting beside Ms. Palencia. And I was right! She doesn't remember my name. (haha) But when I told them it's eunice she immediately supplied my correct surname and I was so happy.

They asked how I was. Where am I studying? What course? How are my other batch mates? Do I have a boyfriend? 

The last question actually made me laughed. And they tell me that I need to focus my studies first. And that our batch was way better than the batch graduating at that moment. 

And then out of nowhere, Sir Alex suddenly approached our chatting group and upon seeing me, his eyes went wide and I laughed at his funny expression. Then he said, "EUNICE SAN MIGUEL." I don't know if I'll be happy because he knew my first name or be sad that my last name's wrong. Thankfully, Ms. Rome contradicted him and told him the correct one. Turns out it was a surname of another former student as well. 

When he joined us, he asked the same question and we where like chatting for five minutes. But that five minutes was so awesome. I never felt so proud of my elementary teachers before. I actually joked that I knew Sir Alex and Ms. Rome were already in their forties. And sir Alex had this comeback that attacks Ms. Palencia's age. 

Because of that, I never regretted accompanying my cousin there. I was so happy that on the way home in the jeepney, I was smiling outside my window and there's this guy riding a motorcycle giving me a strange look. ;))

(Left to Right) Billy, Gen, Jonnah, Eu, Alvin, Brian and Kateleen - The top ten batch 2007 of RES without Dolot, Paul and Miguel

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Matters Most

My father, who is serving in our ward Bishopric had this silly idea that I should give a message this Sunday during our service. I wanted to decline so badly for the following reasons:

  • I've got an exam tomorrow, a very important project due by early next week, and another exam later next week. And I really got to prepare for those.
  • I'm been a very bad girl lately and I really don't feel like speaking in front of many when I feel so unworthy myself.
However, I have no say on the subject. And tonight, I found this copy of the Gospel Principles that teaches me that it's Satan's work to make one feel unworthy of our Heavenly Father's blessings and comfort. So here am I looking for a topic when I'm have an exam tomorrow. 

And I decided on making LIFE as my topic. Our lives' journey here on earth. This seems to be a very general topic to cover but I have some really great things to share and I hope the Lord will guide and bless me in preparation for it this Sunday.

Anyway, upon looking through General Conference talks here in the internet, I, once again came across this video 'What Matters Most' taken from a talk by President Thomas S. Monson. The same talk which I'll be referring to this Sunday. 

Anyway, this video never failed to touch me. It never failed to make me feel grateful about my family and it never failed to make me love my family, friends and neighbors more. So, i thought I could share it here as well...

We should never assume. . . We should let them know.

They do not love, that do not show their love. - William Shakespeare

Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.

Read the entire talk here.

One Message Received

Quick Post!

Never in my life had I been so conscious over my grades. But College had me really worried about every aspect of it. But I have every ounce of support and preparation I need for all of it. Just a few weeks before, I am about to take an exam for one of my subjects which I knew very little of. It's just so complicated for me and my previous scores had been so low that on the final exam i decided to ask for my Father's blessing. 

Before he went to work, he laid his hands upon my head and pronounced a blessing for me - that I may be guided during the exam. I feel so elated after the prayer that a few hours before taking the exam when a friend asked, "Why aren't you in the least bothered about the exam? Are you really that prepared for it?" You see, this friend of mine knew that this particular course is a very great struggle for me, she was just concern. But I had my answer ready. I told her I was spiritually prepared. 

Results came and thankfully I passed the exam. My first exam in the course that I passed which led to me passing the subject as well. I've never been so thankful about the priesthood power than this. 

However, all that story telling seemed to have strayed too far from the post title. It's just that I also received a great deal of help from a friend (JAM) who texted me on the day of the exam wishing me luck. I was so amazed, and really touched about it. ;))

But not too soon, exam for Physics 71 came. It was last Monday. And the days before the exam I haven't got the chance to review. We've had our Community Service Project for the upcoming Stake Youth Conference this April and endless meetings. Originally, I was planning to review on 12midnight of Monday (which I usually does and might probably do for my exam tomorrow) but we had a meeting for the SYC that i barely had the time to go to sleep. So early morning I crammed for my exam and totally answered it unprepared. Just then a few hours after being so dejected about the ultimate exam fail, another friend texted me and wished me luck.

I know it was too late but I was really touched. She asked about the exam and I unabashedly told her that i didn't do well at all. Just then she told me that, given that sad case, i would still be blessed because I kept the Sabbath-day holy the day before.

I suddenly feel alright about everything. Not entirely confident, but faithful that my Heavenly Father will do His will for me - what's best for me. I fail, I would learn my lesson and review before hand. I pass, I will be forever grateful. 

So yeah, there go my not-so-quick post. My fingers are literally flying on the keys that I can't stop the words from flowing. 

But my point is this: I have the best friends in the world! And that includes the Lord! ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012


FRIDAY! - March 9, 2012

Never in my life did I ever entertain the idea that I would come to this point: use Rebecca Black's song FRIDAY to share how fun last Friday was. I actually thought of Katy Perry's Last Friday Night but the lyrics are so inappropriate and I always hated that song because of the words and also for the reason that the awesomeness of last Friday didn't just happened on the evening but the whole day to be exact. . .

7am, waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs 

I didn't woke up at seven but classes start at seven. I was forced out of the bed by my mom and she received no complaints from me because, thankfully, I have an exam early that morning for Physics and I still don't know a single thing about Simple Harmonic Motion, the pendulum and other blahs.

Seein’ everything, the time is goin'
Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin'
Gotta get down to the bus stop

As usual, I was in a hurry to get to school because I was, again, running late. Inside the jeepney I was so into reviewing for my exam. And with the fact that my mind is so preoccupied with reviewing, I wasn't in any way prepared with what's gonna happen next.

Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

"Whoa! Again?" -------A few days before during my ride to UP, I unintentionally sat beside PD - the codename my friends and I made for this certain good-looking guy who we thought to be a 'boyfriend material' before we discovered that he is actually a jejemon! Hahahaha. Very funny. But he was still so good looking so that Friday morning when I saw that he's again in the same jeep that I'll be riding, i was torn between sitting on the wide space beside him or the seat further along the vehicle. It may be because I don't want to walk with my back bent further inside the jeep so I just sat beside him. . . And later on, I was so happy I chose that seat, because......

*le wild Benjamin Stone appeared!!!

Oh shocks! He looks so much much like Ben and so ultimately good-looking too apart from the fact that he lacks Ben's six-pack and muscles! Hahaha. I first had the view of his back and my first thought was "That guy sure looks familiar." And then he turned around and took the seat a few ones from the one in front of me. And he looks so much like Benjamin! And gosh! He's in a Benjamin Stone outfit too! I was so overwhelmed that right at that moment I forgot about PD sitting beside me and the fact that I'm a few minutes late for my exam which I knew nothing about! Hehe. The whole ride I was staring at him. . . Of course not too obviously because that would be too obvious that I'm checking him out. (haha. I have a *you don't say moment). And thankfully PD will get off at the same stop as mine so I didn't missed my stop when I was staring all gooey eyed to this Ben-look-alike. That must have been the shortest ride of my life!! And I certainly hope I see him in UP soon! xx

So, because of the ultimate inspiration I got from my jeep ride I was able to answer my Physics exam with flying colors! Hahaha. The whole day had been my typical day in UP aside from some Dramas. . . 

So we were in the canteen and Mei was so sad and Chelsea was so busy playing Temple Run and the whole game suddenly cheered all of us! That was the first time I played the game and jeez! It was addictive. But after the novelty of the game wore us out Mei had again been feeling so off-color that we did an out of a sudden decision to hang-out somewhere. And we decided to go here....

then changed our mind to go here instead. . . 

and then changed our mind and we went here!

But it seems like fate was trying to stop us because suddenly Jelou discovered that she left her wallet and ATM card in the dorm and we're already on our way to the mall! And she won't be able to go back for it the whole weekend because she'll be going to home in Bulacan already after that day. But because we're her super friends we helped her out so as she won't need to go back to UP for some money.

And. . . going back to Rebecca Black's song. . .. 

Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends)
Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

The bus ride was the Ultimate fun ever! We need not decide which seats to take. There were five of us and the backseats surely are the perfect seats!

This video still is so funny that I decided to post it here. xx Take a look at the girl on the far right! Haha!

7:45, we’re drivin’ on the highway
Cruisin’ so fast, I want time to fly
Fun, fun, think about fun
You know what it is
I got this, you got this
My friend is by my right
I got this, you got this
Now you know it

So we were cruisin' along Edsa and to shake off the bad feeling about Jelou leaving her valuables back at her dorm we decided to think of something fun to do. It was a very childish and silly idea but what we did was to wave at people outside the bus. Like this:

And Chelsea suddenly gave us this dare that someone has to wave back at us (Mei and I) and if such happens she'll treat us something we want. So we were to eager to wave at different people. . . To at least put a smile on their face and of course for Chelsea to treat us! We were actually aiming for this kind of scenario:

and this kind of response from people:

but somehow, I think we might look like this to some people. . . . 

Hahahahahaha! At least we weren't asking for some Jollibee. xx

because some people hid behind their own bus curtains while other looked at us like this:

But amazingly a couple or so wave at us shyly. . . like this!


Not too soon we need to get off the vehicle and I think several people were glad to be rid of us because we were so noisy! And we had fun around Tom's World with Mei's token and we walked around the Movie Center, the Record bar and decided to sit on the stairs but soon some guards warned us against sitting there so we walk and walk and talk and talk about every non-sense we could think of. No one was left out and it was a perfect night with girls setting. 

We went home tired and I was so worried about Jelou that will still be on her way to Bulacan so late that night but it was all worth it. . . 

I wasn't actually looking forward to the weekend at all - just as Rebecca Black's song suggest. I was dreading for Friday to end. . . 

What can I say? I have the bestest girl friends in the world! xx

P.S. I had so much fun picking pictures for this blog entry. xx
P.S again... All the things that aren't mine in this blog entry belong to their rightful owners. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Secret

-----This was my essay last semester for Eng1. It amazingly got a good grade and with this essay. . . I get to pour out all the contents of my heart. . . So,

Why indeed do I write?

The Secret

I have a secret. 

         It is what Lord Voldemort had been looking for all his life. Why, he was after the Sorcerer’s Stone and why he split his soul in seven. I would gladly laugh at his noseless face right now and inform him that I have known the key to something he would split his soul to know. However, the answer did not enter my thoughts as naturally as Harry Potter usually does. It came as a defining moment; one that only came once but will not depart from my thoughts. 
         As a child, I have dreamt the usual fantasies every little girl had. At five, I dream of being a beautiful and envied princess living in large castles with beautiful gowns at my disposal. At seven, I want to be a rich and talented singer similar to Avril. Oftentimes, I practice my walks with my arms bent and swinging on my sides like how she does it in a complete outfit. At nine, I feel like being a doctor, not because of the typical reason of helping people get better rather they earn a lot from patients just like how my doctors earned from me when I was hospitalized back then. At eleven, I envision myself as an accountant. I heard one of my friends saying the same thing and we share the same passion for mathematics, which magically disappeared when I learned Trigonometry. When I was twelve, I was an ardent reader so I fancy being a librarian.
         Silly past lives; that is how I called these dreams before. Looking back, I can see how these dreams develop to the very thing I want to do. It came one night when I was thirteen. I remember it being a school night. I generally read non-school related books on such nights despite the fact that there is a huge pile of homework waiting to be done. However, that particular school night, I realize that there are no more books left to read. I finished all of them, and I did not feel like rereading anything so I opt to read a Reader’s Digest issue dating years back. In its section ‘Quotable Quotes’ lies the secret: If you want to be immortal, write a book. – Anonymous
         It did not make any sense at first. But then, it dawn on me that immortality is not only living a life everlasting. Shakespeare is immortal. He constantly inspires numerous people with his works. He is frequently celebrated; his thoughts interpreted. He, alongside Twain, Frost, Poe, Austen, Bronte, Orwell, Dickens, Dante, Homer, and a lot more, is immortal. However, it will be hilarious if Voldemort became one of them.
         Minutes pass by; ideas are already forming inside my head. This must be it. What I am meant to do all along. I have no desire to cheat death or be famed. But the fact that something of my work - something done with my own hands, ideas straight from my guts written in paper, being read by many people, being interpreted, and its ability to touch lives even after I would depart from this mortal realm, those were what appealed to me. Perhaps a little fame would not hurt. I could do being the next J.K. Rowling and creating the next Harry.
         I am eager to start right away. Every night, I indulge myself in the world of a woman named Kathy who is bound to change Daniel, a man of antagonistic character. In time, Emma, who loses her parents in a car accident and discovers a grave secret hidden for years when sent to live with her grandmother, was created. Every so often, I would switch back and forth in Kathy’s and Emma’s stories; my two heroines. I try to squeeze writing with my schoolwork. That was my refuge. For once, my parents did not complain about my obsessive reading for it seemed that each night I was busy with homework. It is a very engaging activity. Not long after that, I began planning. After high school, I will take a degree in Creative Writing and graduate. I will look for a writing job while continuing to work with my characters. Throughout all these I will send copy of my manuscripts to publishing companies to get publish and then, die happy. I could readily see myself in the future years living up these dreams until my brother found out what I was up to. 
         I was always discrete when writing. I was quiet. I occasionally glance up when I grope for the right words. That was when he became suspicious. Like many older brothers, he always picks on me. He first pointed out that I was always writing on my red notebook despite the changing pile of school books around me. I was mortified. I started to be more careful but he soon gotten hold of my writings and laughed about it. 
         What do you expect to happen? Get published? His words put millions of thoughts in my mind. What indeed do I expect to happen? Who am I kidding? A thirteen-year old getting publish and famous for her work on star-crossed lovers? Even experienced writers find it hard to impress their readers. What chance could a child like me have? What do I expect: being acknowledged right away? 
         I want to cry so badly. In fact, I did. My dreams are being shattered in pieces right in front of my eyes. That night, I locked my red notebook away. Writing might have been a routine for me but I force myself not to do it anymore. I could not blame my brother. He just asked a question: a question so simple that opened up my once determined mind and at the same time gave me an unsettling emotion. I did my all to prevent myself from writing another word in that notebook.
         I went back to reading. Encountering a great debut novel by a rising author leaves me feeling forlorn. For years, I never come across Kathy and her friends as well Emma and her ancestry. Instead, I delve in Bella and Edward’s world. I reread every novel in our house.  Once, I was required to write a short story for my English class. I did my best to impress. I found out that I never lost my knack for it though the loss of my usual enthusiasm for it was unmistakably there. 
In next to no time, the question of what degree to get for college came. Looking at the list of options, one course appears to be larger than the others. I thought that dream was gone years back. Nevertheless, at this crucial moment of deciding what to do with my life, the delight I have felt during my writing moments troubles me. No one knows about that yearning. My brother had long forgotten the incident. My parents are practical people and it would be hard for me to explain why I would take something that gives me an uncertain prospect. With all the other spaces filled, it took all my strength to write a degree lastly in my application form. 
If I had made the right decision, only time will tell. Nevertheless, I always know that I never gave up on that dream. The fulfilment of seeing characters from my mind imprinted on paper to stay there forever is one of the greatest sources of my joy. I admit, it lightens me up more than the idea of microchips, electric circuits, digital design and programming -which, I believe, I have to spend five years with should. For in writing, I can achieve my other dreams as well. In writing, I can be a Princess Eunice in possession of thousands dresses. In writing, I can be the next Avril Lavigne with my platinum music albums. I can be a multi-billionaire doctor, an accountant and a librarian. Recently, the idea of a mannequin turning into a full-fledged human is bugging me. And right now, she is in the midst of her transformation tucked in my laptop. I have opened my red notebook once again. Tears swelled as I rediscover my creations. I have been regenerating Kathy’s and Emma’s stories in my head lately and would gladly fulfil their happy endings soon. 
If anything, I am extremely thankful with my brother. He taught me that along the road of accomplishing our dreams, there will always be rocks, sharp turns, pitfalls and thorns. We will have doubts.  We will have fears. We have to face them ourselves. My walk has barely started. My brother’s question had been the first rock on my way. I may have tripped, it may have taken me so long to stand up, but I know that from now on, stumbling over a small rock would not be enough to for me to be indecisive once more. There are things worth standing up for. Happiness tops the list.
Mr. Anonymous made me realize what I really wanted to do. My brother made me realize that I should never give up. The secret, I learned, is not to simply write a book. The secret is to never give up on your happiness. For in it, you will feel infinite. In it, I feel immortal.  

-----just read this essay again. I've been so busy lately and I miss the feeling of writing. . . I miss my characters. *sigh.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Am His Daughter

Lately, this song's always playing inside my head. It helped me so much these past few weeks. It helped me immensely to focus my thought on the worthy things and I'm ever grateful for that. Plus the inspiring lyrics, this song is sure to get all the bad thought going away. What really strike me were the parts that says the worldly things do not and will never dictate who I am.

This is the same song that inspired me about changing my previously all-black blog to something really fun and more uplifting. This somehow marked the brand-new me. I really love the song and I know this will stay with me forever. xx

The photos in the magazines
Don't dictate who I'm supposed to be
The world can't recognize, all that I am inside
But I know in His eyes, I am a part of, the bigger picture,

There's so much more to me
He helps me see that I have so much to offer
I am His daughter
He loves me the way I am,
He's my strength when I stand
He is my King, and my Father,
I am His daughter.

The people on the TV screen,
The leaders, rulers, and queens
I watch them shape the world,
And though I'm just a girl, I still know for sure, 
That I am a part of, the bigger picture

There's so much more to me
He helps me see that I have so much to offer
I am His daughter
He loves me the way I am,
He's my strength when I stand
He is my King, and my Father,
I am His daughter

And when I'm feeling small,
And wondering if I'll ever, find courage to stand tall
Through His love I remember

There's so much more to me
He helps me to see that I have so much to offer
I am His daughter
He loves me the way I am
He's my strength when I stand
He is my King, and my Father,
I am His daughter