Friday, March 30, 2012

AHBL 2.0

YES. All hell is breaking loose once more.

Tomorrow at exactly 9:15 I will be having a final exam for Physics 71 and right now 11 hours before the said exam, all I know is that Force is equal to mass x acceleration.

Earlier tonight, I have received this email from my Math53 prof that my grade in her subject is 4.0 which means I'm in grave danger of failing it. I have to take another exam and I have to get a score of 60% in it to pass the course. And how on earth will I get that score!? When my finals exam score was so low! :(

So, yeah, there. I'm so down about this Math 53 thing that I can't start with my Physics.

And Physics is entirely another problem because this is how I feel about this upcoming exam:

Yes, I know, who am I to be so down about this thing when I was the one comforting a friend a few days ago about the same thing? So, since I've let it all out. I'm signing off to review...

Sana lang hindi ako maging sabaw bukas!

May all the massXacceleration be with me. xx

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