Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eunice San Miguel

Waking up yesterday morning, I was so irritated because I was so groggy and my mom was shaking me so hard demanding something that I should do. I brushed her off and then suddenly she's gone. Slowly, light dawns on me that I've behaved really bad so I slowly wake up and went out the room Ate and I shared. They're all gathered outside comforting my cousin who will be graduating the next day (which was earlier this day) because she's crying so hard. Her ever responsible parents (yes, the tone's sarcastic!) wouldn't be able to go to school with her to get her toga. For it needs to be an older relative to get it from the school. 

Assessing the situation, I feel so sad about my cousin that I immediately said I'll go with her - which was the same thing my mom was waking me up for. So immediately I bathed and dressed all for my cousin.

However, upon arriving at my Alma Mater, I was so overwhelmed so entirely another reason. There was Mr. Alex, my 6th grade math teacher and my mentor during contests. He was hosting some sort of reminder for the parents of graduating students and cracking up jokes to them regarding the graduation guidelines. I remember how our Math class used to be. It was so much fun because of him and everything seems so funny. But now, at sixteen (exactly 5 years when I graduated grade school) I find his jokes so corny (haha) and I was thinking the kind of person I was back then. 

Class picture with the beautiful Ms. Rome

Then there's Miss Rome, my grade school adviser. She's still a beauty and I terribly miss her. I remember when she made me some sort of a leader in class because the ADT peeps were role-playing and I was the teacher and she finds my acting so real that she made it real inside the classroom! Haha. And I remembered her patching things up between her quarreling students. . I remember her advises, her loud voice, the way she calls my name which is a very hard "EUNICE"... , and how she used to be my 'mom' in the ABnormal family! And so many great things about my sixth year in elementary.

Then there's Ms. Palencia, our History teacher who's always angry at our section because we're always maximizing our break times. The're Mr. Del Rosario, the MSEP teacher.... (my 'dad') he's still the same. Then I saw Ms. Custodio, and other familiar faces.

Reminiscing all of this, I was so overwhelmed with this urged to approach them, which is of course the proper thing to do. But I was in doubt. Do they even remember me? It's been five long years. Perhaps, my face will be familiar. But my name? The memories?

Everything around me that exact moment reminds me of them. The rows of sixth graders in their improvised toga hats and sitting on plastic stools. The buildings, Sir Alex's voice booming around the place, teachers walking around, the familiar faces of janitors, the plants. Everything in there. And it amazes me to find out that the 'Ale Denni T' sign was still there where we used to hang out. 

So swallowing up my shyness, I approached Ms. Rome sitting beside Ms. Palencia. And I was right! She doesn't remember my name. (haha) But when I told them it's eunice she immediately supplied my correct surname and I was so happy.

They asked how I was. Where am I studying? What course? How are my other batch mates? Do I have a boyfriend? 

The last question actually made me laughed. And they tell me that I need to focus my studies first. And that our batch was way better than the batch graduating at that moment. 

And then out of nowhere, Sir Alex suddenly approached our chatting group and upon seeing me, his eyes went wide and I laughed at his funny expression. Then he said, "EUNICE SAN MIGUEL." I don't know if I'll be happy because he knew my first name or be sad that my last name's wrong. Thankfully, Ms. Rome contradicted him and told him the correct one. Turns out it was a surname of another former student as well. 

When he joined us, he asked the same question and we where like chatting for five minutes. But that five minutes was so awesome. I never felt so proud of my elementary teachers before. I actually joked that I knew Sir Alex and Ms. Rome were already in their forties. And sir Alex had this comeback that attacks Ms. Palencia's age. 

Because of that, I never regretted accompanying my cousin there. I was so happy that on the way home in the jeepney, I was smiling outside my window and there's this guy riding a motorcycle giving me a strange look. ;))

(Left to Right) Billy, Gen, Jonnah, Eu, Alvin, Brian and Kateleen - The top ten batch 2007 of RES without Dolot, Paul and Miguel

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