Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Message Received

Quick Post!

Never in my life had I been so conscious over my grades. But College had me really worried about every aspect of it. But I have every ounce of support and preparation I need for all of it. Just a few weeks before, I am about to take an exam for one of my subjects which I knew very little of. It's just so complicated for me and my previous scores had been so low that on the final exam i decided to ask for my Father's blessing. 

Before he went to work, he laid his hands upon my head and pronounced a blessing for me - that I may be guided during the exam. I feel so elated after the prayer that a few hours before taking the exam when a friend asked, "Why aren't you in the least bothered about the exam? Are you really that prepared for it?" You see, this friend of mine knew that this particular course is a very great struggle for me, she was just concern. But I had my answer ready. I told her I was spiritually prepared. 

Results came and thankfully I passed the exam. My first exam in the course that I passed which led to me passing the subject as well. I've never been so thankful about the priesthood power than this. 

However, all that story telling seemed to have strayed too far from the post title. It's just that I also received a great deal of help from a friend (JAM) who texted me on the day of the exam wishing me luck. I was so amazed, and really touched about it. ;))

But not too soon, exam for Physics 71 came. It was last Monday. And the days before the exam I haven't got the chance to review. We've had our Community Service Project for the upcoming Stake Youth Conference this April and endless meetings. Originally, I was planning to review on 12midnight of Monday (which I usually does and might probably do for my exam tomorrow) but we had a meeting for the SYC that i barely had the time to go to sleep. So early morning I crammed for my exam and totally answered it unprepared. Just then a few hours after being so dejected about the ultimate exam fail, another friend texted me and wished me luck.

I know it was too late but I was really touched. She asked about the exam and I unabashedly told her that i didn't do well at all. Just then she told me that, given that sad case, i would still be blessed because I kept the Sabbath-day holy the day before.

I suddenly feel alright about everything. Not entirely confident, but faithful that my Heavenly Father will do His will for me - what's best for me. I fail, I would learn my lesson and review before hand. I pass, I will be forever grateful. 

So yeah, there go my not-so-quick post. My fingers are literally flying on the keys that I can't stop the words from flowing. 

But my point is this: I have the best friends in the world! And that includes the Lord! ;)

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