Monday, April 2, 2012

Marked as to-read

For the past year, I have been starting some books and have this habit of not finishing them. Take for example Beth Revis' "Across The Universe". I've read like four chapters but soon stopped. Then there's Hilary Duff's Elixir, Suzanne Collins' Catching Fire, Becca Fitzpatrick's Silence, Nicholas Sparks' The Choice, and the list goes on. So. here am I... aiming to read this list this summer of 2012. . .

  • Hush, Hush Book 3, "Silence"
  • THG Books 2-3, "Catching Fire & Mockingjay"
  • Hex Hall Book 3, "Spellbound"
  • Lauren Oliver's "Before I Fall"
  • Delirium Book 2, "Pandemonium"
  • Hilary Duff's "Elixir"
  • Stephenie Perkin's "Lola and the Boy Next Door"
  • Nicholas Sparks' "The Choice"
  • Sarah Dessen's "Dreamland"
  • Beth Revis "Across the Universe" Trilogy
  • John Green's "Looking For Alaska"
  • Erich Segal's "Love Story"
  • Nora Robert's "Brazen Virtue"
  • Louise Rennison's "Wuthering Tights"
  • William Goldman's "The Princess Bride"
  • Rachel Hawthorne's "Suite Dreams"
  • The Flappers Book 2, "Ingenue"
  • Myra McEntire's "Hourglass"
  • Jennifer Jaberley's "Crush Control"
  • David Nicholl's "One Day"
  • Liz Braswell's "Nine Lives of Chloe King"
  • Nora Robert's "Morrigan's Cross"
  • Sarah Addison Allen's "The Girl Who Chased The Moon"
  • Sohpie Littlefield's "Banished"
  • Stephen Chbosky's "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"
  • Susane Colasanti's "So Much Closer & Waiting For You"
  • Josephine Angelini's "Starcrossed"
  • Lauren Kate's Fallen Trilogy
Whoa! That's a lot of books! And I intentionally put Fallen Trilogy last because I have such a big issue about that book. Haha. So well, yeah! That's it! But even before starting this list I need to focus on my upcoming exam. My last for this sem!

So there. May the odds be ever in my favor! And yours too!

UP NEXT: Entry about my awesome Saturday date with my girlfriends! 
Plus! Book review on Jennifer Smith's "A Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight"

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