Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Saturday Date Craze

Late night of March 30, 2012 a few hours before this major exam of mine in Physics a friend of mine and I were still chatting uncaring that in a few hours we'll be crying our eyes out of how hard was the exam. So yeah, we were frustrated for a while but the prospect of watching this very much anticipated film "Hunger Games" is the only thing to be excited for that day.

It was all planned out weeks, or months ago. Usually, I hate planned dates because they were usually not that fun but this one's so cool.

We walked the long way from NIP to Jelou's dorm because we'll ride the jeep in front of Kalay. But then every single one's full so we walk the usual way towards the terminal near Chelsea's dorm. It was raining and as usual I was so careful walking along the overpass. When Chels noticed how slowly I was walking she just laughed at me. No one can really blame me. I don't want a slipping-on-the-wet-overpass part 2. Haha.

On the terminal, we have another huge problem. It's because every SM North Edsa Jeep is full. So I kept on shouting "SM, SM! SM North Edsa!" It was crazy but we're all desperate to hail a ride because we might be late for the movie! In the end, a not-so-full FX came and we're well on our way to North EDSA.

Inside the vehicle, we talked about so many things. About the exam, how we solve for that particular problem in physics (I think we might have looked so nerdy to other people with all the physics terms we're using), about our block mates, about the Hunger Games, and about the song 'EYES OPEN.' Hear the song below.

Hahaha. I know the song's alright. And it absolutely reflects the concept of THG movie. But lately, a block mate (Peter) had been singing this song to me in a funny high-pitched voice. And it was just so funny. Especially in the part "Keep your ah-eyes, open." Hahahha. I'm literally laughing right now just thinking about it. So inside that FX, I kept on singing that particular line of the song without the slightest thought about the other people who could hear me. I sang it until Chelsea had bout of LSS from it. Hahaha. But the song is really great! Even better than Safe&Sound

And again, that was the best FX ride of my life. 

I feel like I'm experiencing a lot of first with these girlfriends of mine. And it made feel so grateful about that fateful day on our first day in college where we all had lunch together and sat side-by-side during classes. It all seem so trivial but this great feeling started with that. ;)

Great, enough drama. So we went to the mall and had lunch on the food court. And Chelsea were exclaiming about the cosplayers around us (for there was a cosplay event on the mall at that moment). We talked about religion (it all started with the dinuguan thing) and names. 

Its like discovering a part of them I never knew existed. (When we're talking about names) Like how I never knew Rizza's name means "little heart", the origins of Jelou's "Jean Louise" and Jemee''s weird name. I don't know why but that simple thing really made me so happy ;)

When it was near 3:40 we went to the movie house watch the movie. It was great totally. (New post for the movie review soon) But the best part was hearing Chelsea's low voice inside the dark theater. I think she's commenting about the movie or complaining. I don't know but it's just so.... Chelsea.

So I was great! The whole Saturday had been great, until the time we were inside the MRT on the way home. (We waved at people in different stations. We've been doing that frequently since our bus ride. Haha) And I went home really happy that my parents almost find it so strange. ;))

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