Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some Inspiring Words

Last Sunday, I was reading my cousin's copy of New Era this April 2012. At the back page of it, I found this really inspiring poem that comes with a picture of a forest. So I decided to accompany this post with a picture of a forest (not the same one).

The Sacred Grove (by Greg Olsen)

The Quiet of the World

By Katie Rane

When there is too much to do
And never enough time to do it.
When the world expects so much
And I can only give a little.
When life goes by so quickly
That suddenly tomorrow is past:

I stop sometimes
And look around.
I realize
Life is simple:

In the smell of new rain.
In the warmth of the sun.
In the touch of the breeze.
In the eyes of a child.
In the blue of the sky.

And I find joy
In the quiet of the world.

And earlier this afternoon, the missionaries visited us and shared something. One of them is still a trainee and is not quite used with Tagalog yet so we have to hang on to every word he said. By the end however, he seemed to gave up and said something really impressive in English. He said

"Everybody deserves happiness, everybody deserves repentance."

I knew why that particular thing stuck with me. And indeed it was true. 

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