Monday, July 2, 2012

How I Maddeningly Yearn [for] More!

Finally, after months of being hooked into this very hilarious TV show that I keep on streaming online almost every night since my friend introduced it to me, I already finished watching How I Met Your Mother. And in all those months (for almost half a year) I can say that I've never loved any other show other than this one. And I'm just so into the story and into its characters that I cried at their pitiful times and laughed during the happy ones. I am angered when things doesn't seem right and really shout for joy when I'm pleased at the way things are. I want what's best for everybody and I don't want Ted to met the mother yet.

However, I can sense the ending coming. And really! Barney is getting married to Robin! Which is just so plain happy and makes me really misty. And I never really liked Victoria, why does she have to come back? And I'm too excited to know what's gonna happen with Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen!

But the best things from this show are the lessons they gave me - from friends, family, money, dreams and so many more. I just can't wait for the next season!

How I Met Your Mother-


  1. Ikaw na nakatapos ng hanggang Season 7! Inggit meeeeh! Season 4 padin ako! -_-

  2. hahaha :) IKR! ang cool! coolest show ever! tapusin mo na! baka last episode na daw yung season 8!