Monday, July 23, 2012

Vingt-Trois: Joyeux Anniversaire Daniel Radcliffe

So. I just remembered. Today is so oozing with Twenty-Three! So there's nothing to worry!

I know I've blogged about this before but it's proven and tested that Nothing Fails Me When It's Twenty-Three! And it's freaking twenty-three today! Not just simply twenty-three but it's July twenty-three! I'm so gonna dance til the world ends.

So yeah. It's exam day and it's twenty-three so I'm so gonna trust in this tradition that I'll be the over confident me this day. (I believe every people has to have this kind of thing. You know? For sanity's sake. Because you have to believe in that one day when you know everything will turn out right.)

And the best thing is it's Daniel Radcliffe's Birthday today. And not just simply his birthday but its his twenty-third birthday! Hahaha. So I logged on to twitter just now to join the trend about Daniel Radcliffe's birthday (there's always one every year). And I found out #HarryPottah is trending. (Harry Potter spoken in a British accent. ) And I found this cool twitpic.

Hahahaha. Laugh with me please. So yeah. I've admired this guy for so many years that now couldn't count. and I'll always believe in him. He's a great instrument in bringing to life one of the best things about my childhood. And I hope someday, I'll have the chance to come up to him face to face and thank him. I wouldn't mind if he allowed a hug. Hahaha. 

Joyeux Anniversaire Mon Amor Daniel Radcliffe!

"Everything is legendary, when it's twenty-three!"

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