Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Ermargahd! (I just learned this weird word today... or should I say yesterday?)

Anyhow, I can't believe it!
But a little background about my love for twilight first:

When the novels aren't quite famous yet, I had a friend in school who has the book. When I saw it, of course I took a look (just as I would to any other book). But, jeez, vampires? The concept does not really appeal to me. But upon reading the information about the author, dear, Stephenie Meyer, I learned that she earned her degree at Brigham Young University. And I think its common knowledge to many people that most, if not all, students at BYU are members of the Church.

So I thought, a Mormon writing about vampires and humans? That's what had me going.

But, UGH! I don't know if its my romantic nature or just the fact that I was thirteen that time (you know, hormones, eek) but I really liked the book. It has so many imperfections (I've discovered over the years) but fours years ago, I have nothing on my mind but hoping Edward is mine or that I was in Bella's shoes.

I urged my whole family to watch the first film with me when it came out, that very same day. I even tripped on my walk home from school that day from my excitement. I was so hooked that my mind was temporarily distracted from being a Potterhead and turned into a Twihard instead. We even formed a group in school called the Cullens. I even memorized that part where Edward said, "Isabella Marie Swan... blah blah" when they are in the meadow. (I forgot them already.) I've read the whole series in a few months. And its common knowledge to all my friends that I am a twilight fan. No one dared to outsmart me.

I watched the movie again with my friends, looking past its really awkward silences and so many imperfections. And we watched it again on my friend's house. I urged my father to buy me a DVD so I can watch it at home anytime I want. (gosh, writing about this right now... I can't believe myself.) I even memorize the scene where they were saying...

Bella: You're impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color and sometimes you speak like from fully different times. You've never even ate anything. You don't go out in the sunlight. How old are you?

Edward: Seventeen.

Bella: How long have you've been seventeen?

Edward: A while.

Bella: I know what you are.

Edward: Say it. Say it, out loud.

Bella: Vampire.

Edward: Are you afraid?

Bella: NO.

And you know what's the horrifying thing? I don't even have to look up the internet for that conversation. Gosh! (though, I think some words are missing on Bella's first line). But you see my obsession? And it doesn't stop there.

I was in total fury when I heard that the Philippines is making a tagalog version of it (Takipsilim). I've read Midnight Sun. I've influenced many friends in it. I talked to my friend over the phone for hours about it. I bought tons of magazines about it. I bought badges. I decoration my school desk of pictures of Edward Cullen. DHEERS was born. I memorized lines from the book and movie (about the lion loving the lamb, the first time Edward say I love you, YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW.. etc). I practiced so hard to imitate Edward's handwriting of Be Safe  in the book. I know what the book titles mean and the pictures in it. I entered contests. I won four tickets for the New Moon premiere, which I watched with my family. I won a Team Edward tshirt. I bought a book of Robert Pattinson's biography. I voted endlessly at for Twilight to win the popcorn trophy. I've cried over Breaking Dawn. I've read fan fics about it. I listen to the soundtrack even though sometimes the music is a bunch of nonsense to me. I loved Flightless Bird and American Mouth. I had my dad bought this box of doughnuts and really got angry when the box is Team Jacob. I bought a twilight umbrella. I entered a contest again and won two Advanced Screening tickets for Eclipse which I watched with a good friend. i watched Eclipse again with my family. I had my father buy a twilight tumbler for me and he told me that he had to asked the management specifically for a Team Edward one, because that's what I like. And when they can't find a team Edward tumbler, they have to give the one on the display instead. :)) I spend many minutes at NBS going thru the twilight guide books that I can't afford and read them there. I fought so hard with my sister because she's Team Jacob. I've watched Breaking Dawn with a good friend and we wore these matching ballers that says "Totally Bitten". And our movie snack is a special Twilight snack with a free Twilight tumbler. I'm so angry that Kristen cheated on Rob which means I follow their personal lives.. (hehe). And I've watched the Breaking Dawn pt 2 just hours ago with my family and will watch it again later with a friend.

I think that's about it. Though over the years, I'm convinced that the story is really shallow and just pure cheesy. But nevertheless, I feel a sisterly love to my personality that loves Twilight so much. And a while ago, watching the series end, I couldn't help but think, I WILL MISS IT. Absolutely miss it.

They've done a really great job on the movie. (Thanks Bill Codon!) And gosh, I was really crying over it... It was both horrible in a bad way (some part of it, the editing part) and in a really good way (gosh the plot).

And watching the series end, I somehow vowed that I will again defend twilight over those who hate it as much as I defended it before.

And oh, jeez the ending... <3

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