Wednesday, January 16, 2013


What's up?
   Nothing much.
Why haven't you blogged for quite a long time?
   Uh, oh. Don't have much time I guess. Or simply lazy. Sorry.
Nah, it's alright. Just tell us what going on in your life. How was the past two months?
   Oh, yeah. I don't have much atrocities, nothing juicy to tell you.
Oh, c'mon man! Why don't you tell us how well you did last sem?
   I failed.
Y-you w-what? EVERYTHING?
Cheer up, it can't be that bad. You'll pass it this time!
So, what about your brother coming home from his mission?
   How did you know about that?
Facebook. Duh.
   Well, that's one cheerful thought. We welcomed him from the airport. He's so fat. Haha.
They all get fat after two years. ;)
   But the great thing's that he had a successful mission. I can't stop him from talking about his best two years.
That's great! So how was your holidays with him?
   It was alright. Nothing fancy. Christmas was only a specially cooked dinner.
And the New Year?
   We spent it at the hospital. Mother got sick.
Too bad. I hope she's better now.
   She is.
Great! So, you're back in blogging again?
   I guess.

:)) Cheers people!

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