About EU.

Basic Facts:
Eunice Saldivar is the real name.
A sixteen-year old fresh from high school.
A member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Youngest from the family of three children.

A graduate from Pasig City Science High School.
Currently a student of the University of the Philippines studying BS Computer Engineering.
An institute student at the Quezon City Philippines Institute of Religion.

Life Story:
Just UNlike any other teenager.
Stubborn, lazy, carefree, at times funny but knows when to get serious.
Loves to talk but EU listens too!
Has this uncontrollable passion for novels that interests her.
Loves music that's good for her ears alone.
Loves movies with happy endings otherwise a good resolution.
Cries easily with romance films and books.
Loves the colors blue, brown and purple.
Loves the smell of rain and freshly mowed grass.
Loves looking up the sky through the tree leaves.
Loves tiny beach waves lapping over her feet.
Loves posies.
Loves sweets and mama's cooking.
Loves the smell of freshly-baked bread.
Has this abnormal habit of scribbling stars whenever given a pen and paper.
Sucks at sports, but is lovin' Bowling at the moment :)
Can fiddle with a guitar and wants to learn to play the violin and a glass flute!
Has this exaggerated fondness for cute kids. (she's not a pedo!)
Loves DHEERS. :))
Good at advises and would occasionally quote her principles and beliefs.
Always thought of to be a SNOB at first  but is really FRIENDLY. :))
Always thought of to be STRONG. Believe EU, her shortcomings are many.
Wants to be a WRITER, but is practical so she ended up taking an Engineering course.
It crossed her mind to be a director, photographer, anthropologist, artist and a musician.
Dreams high.
Loves life and having fun.
Has lots of friends and people who consider her as such.
Knows her value and responsibilities in life.
Lives by what she knows is right.
A keeper.
Knows where she's going. (many can't say the same thing)
Loves God and family. :))

10 things I would LOVE to do while young: (inspired by Late Summer Rain)
1. Eat a liter of ice cream.
2. Dance around in a snow fall.
3. Catch a fish. Like real fishing!
4. Defy gravity.
5. Get up to see the sunrise not the sunset.
6. Perform music in front of a crowd.
7. Watch a meteor shower or even witness a single shooting star.
8. Send a message in a bottle.
9. Have a solitary getaway whatever place it could be.
10. Fall in LOVE....

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"my HEART got here first, then it was easy for the rest of me."